Beyonce Dereon Face of C&A Commercial

{YBA} Did you know? That Beyonce was having a special  Dereon for C&A Collection in the works? Beyonce  appears in a denim skirt from her Dereon by Beyonce collection in an ad for C&A department stores in Brazil.

These pics are of Beyonce’s upcoming fashion campaign for European  Brazilian fast fashion chain C&A.  I don’t think Beyonce has ever been the face of a fashion campaign before except for her House of Dereon that she and her mother own. I find it an odd choice of a fashion label to be the face of don’t you?

Photographed in a studio in New York, Beyonce apparently defined the collection as “A sexy and powerful warrior goddess.” (I say apparently as I translated the page but it’s not sourced and the whole ‘quote’ from Beyonce didn’t translate across properly so I only put a small bit of the quote in).

At least I think it’s Beyonce, someone has photoshopped the image so much that it may as well be her waxwork from Madame Tussauds. Anyways, there she goes, fierce as ever, wearing her best body and doing what she knows oh-so-well : promoting. Her voice, her body, her clothes.

[media id=9 width=540 height=390]

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