Charming Art Shoes 2010

{YBA} Footwear is an invention of necessity to protect us from the elements beneath. Over the years shoes have dramatically changed due to cultures and fashions. Footwear is under the influence of fashion.

Art Shoes have been creating innovative footwear for men and women since 1995. “The Art brand was created with a clear young, cheerful and carefree spirit.”

Fashion runways have always shown the extreme edge of fashion, and the shoes have been no exception. The runway is a place for art and experimentation. It’s show – theatre. And don’t forget shock value. Lately it seems as though designers have pushed the edge a little further.

These shoes are seen on happy, well dressed feet around the globe!  There is no reason to wear plain, dull shoes that say little about you and your personality – not to mention seeing the same brown and black shoes everywhere you go! You could be wearing unique and custom-designed beautiful Art Shoes!

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