Administering CBD Oil Pet Products

Instead of using the traditional pharmaceuticals that were once all that was available for our beloved pets, pet parents are relieved to have CBD oil at their disposal to enhance animals of all species’ lives.

Still, pharmaceuticals and cannabidiol share a commonality in attempting to charm these lovely creatures into swallowing their “medicine.” To see what “Docs” think about CBD as a “remedy” go to

Regardless of the species, animals are smart, and if they do not like the smell, they are certainly not going to taste it. Typically, if there is a pill hiding in any kind of food, almost any type of pet can weed the tablet out with it generally ending up on the floor. 

Claims suggest CBD has a very distinct flavor, almost bitter, but described as “earthy.” In all intents and purposes, that is appropriate because it comes from a plant. For most, it is merely a matter of using the oils or tinctures inside the jowls, which touts as the most effective technique and perhaps the least noticeable for the pet. 

CBD Oil Pet Products

Manufacturers of CBD pet products are continuously developing new products (go to store to see a wide range of options) to keep animals interested, so they take their dose. The only issue with flavoring is for parents to make sure that it is not harmful. A lesser quality brand might incorporate Xylitol into their products as a secondary ingredient. This substance is toxic, especially for dogs. 

Pet parents need to pay attention for the possibility of artificial sweeteners, unlikely in animal products, as well as pesticides, fungicides, heavy metals, and any other contaminants or additives. You will find evidence of ingredients like these with lab testing results posted on websites or product packaging for quality brands.

  • Tinctures / Oils: These tout as the best way to incorporate CBD into an animal’s system. The oils and tinctures are the most potent. The substance is applied either under the tongue or inside the jowls, meaning it gets into the bloodstream immediately. Whatever symptoms your fur baby is enduring will reduce instantly. 

Because the substance is given in drops, the taste might not be quite so offensive because it will be quick. The only issue is attempting to open a pet’s mouth to get the drops in. That can prove to be easier said than done.

  • Treats / Chews: Treats and chews are probably a dog and cat’s favorite option, maybe too much so. These need to be put in a place where your little friends cannot get into the packaging to overindulge. While these are infused with CBD, they have not been deemed the most effective way to consume the substance. 

Because edibles go through the digestive system, the integrity of the compound is lost as the treats/chews metabolize. Also, the effects of the CBD take longer than most other forms of CBD due to its travels through the digestive system.

  • Soft Gels:  With the soft gels, you will need to hide them in something so the fur baby will not recognize it or open the animal’s mouth and push it back in the throat. Many pet parents choose peanut butter, but you must be careful about which brand you opt for. Some carry Xylitol as a primary ingredient. This is dangerous for pets, especially dogs.

You might want to avoid putting it in a piece of meat or food that the animal will have to chew up. If a pet ends up biting into the tablet, it will give off a terrible taste and could potentially turn the animal away from taking treats like this from you in the future.

Final Thought

No pet parent wants to make their ailing fur baby endure more distress with the administration of the “remedy.” You want to try to make it as stress-free and easy for the animal as possible. Still, it needs to be effective and potent for there to be results. See this for details as to the safety of CBD as it relates to an animal for therapeutic purposes.

Recommendations across the board seem to lean towards oils and tinctures as the most effective form of administration for people and animals. These tout as the most potent form and the method that takes effect in the least amount of time.  The application might prove a little challenging with your furry friend in trying to place it in the mouth, but you can always drop the oil on some peanut butter (minus the Xylitol) or tuna and let them enjoy.

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