How to Keep the Romance Alive Whilst On Holiday with Your Family

Travelling with family can be stressful and keeping the romance alive with your significant other can certainly be difficult, especially if they aren’t travelling with you. When travelling with family it can be extremely difficult to find time alone to be with your partner or to get in contact with them so how exactly do you keep your relationship fresh and exciting when in this situation? Here are a few top tips:

Go Back To Basics

Whether you are travelling with your partner and your family or your partner is at home, going back to basics is a surefire way to keep that fire burning. Talking about how you first met, how you felt and simply reminiscing about what made you two enter into a relationship in the first place is a great way to remind yourselves of how great your partnership is and how you must always work at it to keep it at such a great level.

If you’re travelling with your partner alongside your family, make the time and effort to slip off together for a meal, just by yourselves. Remind yourselves how much you like each other’s company.

If you are travelling with family but he or she is still at home, perhaps even replicate how you first met – you may have met through site so perhaps both take an hour out of your schedule and log on to the accounts you met each other again and message each other once again as if you were meeting for the first time.

Whether you met online or face to face in a bar, going back to basics and talking about where it all began is a great way to keep romance alive – you’ll both have lots of fun reminiscing and remembering just what is so great about each other and the way that you met.

Remember Why You Two Are So Great

It can be hard to be apart from a partner for a set amount of time so reminding yourselves of why your partner is so great and how well you work as a team is a great way of keeping the romance alive. Just knowing you have got that person to go home to once you’ve finished travelling is key to remembering just what a great relationship the two of you share.

Just thinking about what things you have got up to over the time you have been together and how those times made you feel are a great way to keep that fire burning and will make you miss them even more. Only you and they will know how well you two work as a team and how difficult it can be to be apart from each other.

Get Some Alone Time

If you are travelling with family without your partner, it is important to make some alone time, no matter how short that time is, so you can give them a call or get in contact with them via Skype or a similar service. Your family should understand your need to get into contact with them regularly and should accommodate this accordingly for you – they will know it is tough for you to be away from them.

If your partner is travelling with you, then the same applies – whether you simply stay at your accommodation together or head out to a bar, some alone time with each other is key. Relationships constantly need work – they need time and effort put into them to make them work, no matter how great they are. If people choose not to put the effort in, relationships can start to unravel so even if you are or aren’t travelling together, it is important to make some time and some space for your relationship and for your partner.

Don’t Take It Out On Your Family

With the stress of being away from them, it can be so easy to take out your stress and rage on your family – but this isn’t fair. You have chosen to go travelling with them – whatever the amount of time you have chosen to go travelling for – so you shouldn’t take how you feel out on them. They will understand your need to communicate with your partner so will hopefully help you in this so they don’t deserve any resentment.

Not only that but arguments with family can also cause problems with your relationship – you may end up feeling awkward having some alone time with your partner or your family may hold some sort of resentment towards you and your partner for the way you have treated them – this is why it is so important to be kind to your family in this situation, as they will be kind to you.

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