Eva Herzigova by Glen Luchford for Vogue Italia June 2010 | Hunting Beauty

{YBA} Glen Luchford shoots Miss Herzigova doing some housewife-like chores (like, for example, hunting dinner or more mild duties, such as dusting), in very non-housewife-ish ways.

One of my favorite shots, her reflection in the toaster, proves that she can perform boring duties with the sex appeal of a professional. Despite the prim hair cut and the conservative styling, there is a fire burning in that housewife; you can tell by the way she peels that apple. Watch out hubby, this woman is on edge.

Supermodel Eva Herzigova (d’management group) is looking better than ever, but she has her work cut out for her in the latest editorial from Vogue Italia June 2010. Handling household chores with a cheeky sex appeal, Eva is captured by Glen Luchford. Rounding off a sultry liason with tradition, Anastasia Barbieri outfits Eva in conservative numbers with a racy appeal.

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