Lipstick Portraits Glowing Noot Seear by Michael Angelo Exclusive

{YBA} In this MAGAZINE that fashion is used to raise awareness for a serious cause, but Wonderland Beauty Parlor‘s Michael Angelo is changing that perception with a series of images featuring models and celebrities from all backgrounds to shed light on The Somaly Mam Foundation.

Photographed for the sole cause to raise awareness of Cambodian adolescent girls who are sold into prostitution and forced to wear red lipstick, all subjects wear lipstick as well to symbolize a protest against these atrocities. Instead of being used as a sign of oppression, however, Michael’s subjects don the lipstick as a badge of beauty and freedom for a series titled,

The Lipstick Portraits. For this particular set of images, model and actress Noot Seear  poses for Michael’s lens in a series of dignified and albeit beautiful images.
The Lipstick Portraits Featuring Noot Seear by Michael Angelo Exclusive
Cutest Actres Model:     Noot Seear
Lens Photography:        Michael Angelo
Raise Awareness for:   Cambodian adolescent girls
Makeup Idea color:        Red Lipstick

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