Simple Cod Fish Balls Recipe 1

The taste of this very Codfish Balls recipe has played on my senses so much that I seldom consider any other recipe of Codfish Balls. It is always prepared with Fish as the key ingredient. I never fail to eat Appetizer while dining out and this is the most common dish that I order. Missing out on this Codfish Balls recipe will prove to be a great loss for your taste buds, so try it right away.


  • 2 cupfuls cold boiled cod fresh or salted
  • 1 cupful mashed potato
  • 1/2 cup drawn butter, with an egg beaten in
  • Season to taste


  • Chop the fish when you have freed it of bones and skin. Work in the potato, and moisten with the drawn butter until it is soft enough to mold, and will yet keep in shape.
  • Roll the balls in flour, and fry quickly to a golden-brown in lard, or clean dripping. Take from the fat so soon as they are done; lay in a cullender or sieve and shake gently, to free them from every drop of grease. Turn out for a moment on white paper to absorb any lingering drops, and send up on a hot dish.

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