10 Best Brands of Women’s Watches

I am going t list 10 best brands of women’s watches. I hope this post will not only be helpful for the selection of personal watch but also for the beautiful gift.

Seiko Watches for Women
Seiko offers just about any watch style and movement you might be looking for, in a variety of price ranges.
Seiko Official Website

Fossil Watches for Women
Loads of Fossil watches, clustered together so that you can easily compare styles and prices. Fossil offers so many different styles of watches that you shouldn’t have a hard time locating the perfect watch.
Fossil Watches Official Website

Timex Ladies Watches
Multiple pages of women’s watches by Timex. There’s a huge variety here, so if you like Timex watches spend some time browsing these pages to compare styles and prices.
Timex Official Website

Swiss Army Watches
Sure, they’re functional and they have all kinds of little gadgets attached to them, but Swiss Army watches look great, too. I love them! Here’s a nice assortment of Swiss Army Watches with lots of different features in many different price ranges.
Swiss Army Official Website

Bulova Women’s Watches
Most of these Bulova selections are over $100, but several do fall below that figure. There’s a huge variety of styles represented in this collection.
Bulova Official Website

Casio Watches
Comfy and casual ladies watches from Casio. Here’s a nice selection with overall great.
Casio Official Website

DKNY Watches for Women
Most of the DKNY watches on this page are priced under $100, with several under $50. You’ll find both traditional and very contemporary looking watches.
DKNY Official Website

Fendi Watches
Skip this one if you’re looking for an inexpensive watch, but be sure to take a look if you’re into awesome watch styles.
Fendi Official Website

Citizen Watches
Lots of watches, lots of styles, a whole range of prices.
Citizen Official Website

Omega Watches
Omega watches are not inexpensive, but their designs are terrific.
Omega Official Website

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