Different Leg Hair Removal Options for Women

The legs are often viewed as one of the sexiest parts of a person. Of course, in the case of most men and women, this image almost always means a pair of smooth, hairless legs. There are a many different ways to obtain leg hair removal. Some are painless like hair removal creams, others are, of course, not quite as comfortable. Each different type of leg hair removal has a different duration of effectiveness and can last from a few days to forever. They also fall under a wide price range from very cheap to very expensive.

All hair is made up of keratin, the same hard protein that helps to build the nails. There are two different kinds of hair. Vellus hair, which is short, soft, and fine and covers most of the body without being visible, helps to keep the body warm through insulation.

This type of hair can be a bit more apparent on people with dark complexions. The thicker, coarser, darker, and longer hair that grows on the head is called terminal hair. This is also the hair that grows in the pubic area, chest, face, and armpits after puberty. Of course, this darker hair is the kind that most people want to remove.

The simple fact is, whether you are male or female, if you do not want leg hair, you have options. Which are best for you? That depends on who you are. Most women start off by shaving their legs as teenagers, and progress to other forms of removing that unwanted leg hair, especially as they notice that areas such as the knee and ankle can be difficult to shave. The following is a quick look at the various options for removing unwanted leg hair:

Options for Removing Unwanted Leg Hair


Waxing is a popular form of hair removal for the legs. It offers the benefits of longer term hair removal then shaving, creams, etc. It is relatively inexpensive, it is easy to find a close by salon that offers this service, and it can be maintained for several weeks without any additional effort. You can wax at home or in a salon, although most recommend using a professional in order to get the best results.

If you are considering this option for leg hair removal it is good to know that you have to let your hair on your legs grow out at least a quarter, and often half an inch long between visits. It is fast, fairly painful, and sometimes expensive, but it depends on where you go. The results usually last 2-8 weeks. It is more like 2-3 weeks of smooth legs, followed by 2-3 weeks of letting the hair grow back out so you can go in again. If you learn how to wax at home it is a much cheaper option.

Basically the way it works is you, or a professional, spreads a hot wax on the areas where hair is being removed, a cloth strip is then pushed down onto the wax, then pulled off in the opposite direction of hair growth to remove the hair by the roots. It hurts, but the pain is temporary.


Shaving is not only efficient at clearing facial hair, but it also removes leg hair. If you have thick, dark, terminal hair on your legs, trim it down with a pair of electric shears or scissors before shaving. After you have done that, wet your skin with warm water, apply shaving cream and glide a sharp razor blade across your skin in long, steady strokes. In between strokes, wash the blade off under the sink to prevent it from clogging up. Results from shaving last two to three days before hair starts to sprout again.


Electrolysis is one form of permanent leg hair removal, it is a procedure that guarantees 100 percent removal of unwanted hair. And while this may sound fantastic, in reality, electrolysis is a process that takes quite some time to complete. With electrolysis, each hair must be treated individually. By treating one hair at a time in large areas like the legs, each treatment can take hours to complete. In addition, this is a weakening process, so individuals end up returning for multiple appointments that can end up spanning a couple of years.

Depilatory Cream:

Depilatories come in creams, foams or liquids and they have an active ingredient called calcium or sodium thioglycolate. This chemical breaks down the protein portion of the hair, making it dissolve. After washing your skin, apply the cream liberally and let it set up for five to 10 minutes, or however long the manufacturer recommends. Wipe off the cream and dissolved hair with a damp washcloth. Hair removal lasts two weeks or less with depilatories.

Laser Hair Removal:

This is becoming an increasingly popular option for removing unwanted leg hair. The reason it is so popular is that it looks and feels smoother than shaving. It results in less “missed spots” and it can save several hours of time. It is also a far more cost effective method for removing leg hair then waxing and other methods (in the long run). Laser hair treatment to remove unwanted leg hair also hurts far less than waxing.

So what is the problem with laser hair removal? Well, the results are not immediate to start, it takes several treatments that have to be at least a month apart, so it could be several months before you get the desired results. In addition to that, it is not guaranteed to completely eradicate leg hair, laser hair treatment can reduce the amount of hair you have and it can also lighten the color of the hair and make it less noticeable, however, your hair may still be there.

So, for some it is not worth it. In addition to that, not everyone can use this option. The best candidates are those with dark hair and light skin. Lastly, while it is more cost effective in the long run, upfront you do have to shell out some cash to get laser hair removal done on your legs, and some people simply can’t afford the high upfront cost.

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