Burberry Prorsum Resort 2011 Collection | Fabulous Womenswear

{YBA} If last year Christopher Bailey’s creations for Burberry Prorsum influences a lot on today’s trends, what’s going to happen next year? 2011’s here already for the fashion industry and Bailey may hit it once again. With stylish, sexy yet with an urban appeal to them, the looks presented for Resort 2011 capture a new perspective for this new season. Is it a hit or a miss for Burberry? That’s your time to judge, but meanwhile check out next these fabulous looks.

For the Burberry Prorsum Resort 2011 Collection, Christopher Bailey takes his creativity to the limits and hits the runway with new pieces that reinvent old, used trends which shows his diversity of appealing not only to different styles, but to different ages too. The collection comes as a mix of classiness next to outstanding details that give a touch of urbanity into these stylish and chic looks.

Burberry Prorsum Resort 2011 Collection is all about stylish and classic outerwear accessorized with ritzy belts, wrist straps, thigh high boots. Unlike Chanel Resort 2011 Collection and Christian Dior Resort 2011 Collection, darker hues of brown were prominent.

Christopher Bailey Resort 2011 Collection for Burberry is an amalgamation of sexy and classic clothes. Burberry is known for its stylish outerwear and yet again Christopher Bailey has reinvented a unique collection which is classic as well as trendy.

Burberry Prorsum Cruise 2011 Collection is a clean collection with outstanding detailing and looks. It features lot of trench coats, big waist belts with metallic details, biker ankle boots, lace details on dresses. Most prominent in collection was military fashion touch and animal prints.

Christopher Bailey pounced on texture in ruched leather and lizards skin and accentuated every look with accessories. Thigh high boots were perfectly combined with shiny trench coats.

Christopher Bailey maintained Burberry style but add a touch of new trends for the next season. Highlights of collection were leopard printed rabbit fur coat, fabulous handbags and belts with metallic detailing.

In order to represent well the mark of Burberry over this industry, the head designer Christopher Bailey maintains their typical style which he has presented in the latest seasons, but reveals a new wave of new trends for the next season. Going for the same thematic, Christopher comes safe with this collection where flawless silhouettes are put in a lightning spot that shows elegance with the same vintage flavour inspired by the military style which shows an evolution since this trend first came out.

This season the main looks that capture our attention in Burberry’s Resort 2011 Collection are shiny elegant trench coats with tight high boots, big waist belts with metallic details, animal prints, biker ankle boots, maxi handbags in abstract prints or animal ones, lace details on dresses, military influences on blazers or Oxford shoes.

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