Smooth Foundation Color on Face without get Darker

{YBA} This post will be useful for you if you are suffering a change in foundation color on your face within hour or later in the day or you want to have a smooth foundation color on face without get darker. Some girls are facing a common issue that foundation starts to get darker after some hours even with the use of premium brands.

Causes of foundation oxidizing

  1. More acidic skin.
  2. A pink foundation over a yellow undertone skin color.
  3. Foundation components reacting to the sebum in our skin.
  4. Oils in our skin or moisturizer intensifying the color of the pigments.
  5. Face is exposed to heat, sunlight, dust or wind.

Ways to solve this problem

  1. Use a silicone based primer. A primer helps it stay-on for longer.
  2. Don’t stick with one but experiment with different foundations to find one that won’t oxidize with your skin
  3. Get one to two shades higher than normal with your current foundation so that once it oxidizes, it will match your skin color

I hope it will help you a lot. Don’t forget to comment.

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