Carlos Miele 2010-2011 Spring Summer Collection

{YBA} Fashion Designer Carlos Miele has created an amazing fashion collection for this spring-summer 2010 season. His collection exudes femininity and style, s find out more about what Carlos Miele’s vision of fashion is.

Carlos Miele the well known Brazilian fashion designer is known for his incredibly feminine fashion designs. It comes as no surprise that this 2010 spring summer season, things don’t go very different.

Carlos Miele seems to have inspired himself from his beautiful country, Brazil. Brazil is known for it’s beauty when it comes to women as well as landscape. Whenever one thinks Brazil color comes to mind, and it seems that this is exactly what inspired Carlos.

Carlos Miele’s 2010 ready to wear collection exudes femininity, color and sophistication. It is a collection meant to bring out the sophisticated stylish woman found within and the success it has doing exactly that is tremendous. Appropriate for day wear as well as evening wear, Carlos Miele’s fashion collection comes as a breath of fresh air between other fashion collections.

Horizontal pleated dresses, ruffled turtle necks, beautiful prints and glittery embellishments offer diversity to the collection, diversity which opens up more styling opportunities.

The collection was introduced by a gorgeous horizontal pleated dress featuring 4 color combination s. The colors blended beautifully together, from beige, to red, pink and tan, everything seemed to fall in the right place, the design, the colors. The short cut of the dresses offer a high dose of sexiness to the collection.

Gorgeous short shorts couldn’t have missed from the runway since they are a season’s “must have”. The simplicity of the shorts is upgraded with elegant and sheer blouses and jackets which complete the look giving it an evening casual feel.

Sophistication can be seen at it’s best through the beautiful gowns which glide gently around the gorgeous feminine forms. The colors and the prints offer the gowns the warmth which matches the season perfectly. Elegance and classicism has been expresses through the timeless little black dress, which is a must have in every woman’s wardrobe.

Carlos Miele used only color to give life to his gorgeous fashion collection, he gave up using accessories and made a simple collection look fabulous by brightening it with color. The main colors of the collection ware red-orange tones, blue, purple and different colored blend prints.

Choose to emphasize your style and femininity by following Carlos Miele’s vision and ideas of fashion.

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