Christian Dior Resort 2011 Collection by John Galliano – French New Wave

{YBA} The Christian Dior Resort 2011 collection featured a mishmash of sartorial efforts. Despite its debut in Shanghai, China there was no Chinese influence peppered into the collection.

Instead, designer John Galliano placed everything French New Wave (presented a sixties style Cruise collection) at the hub of the collection. Present were 3D florals, eyelet, bike helmets, babydoll-esque lace dresses, Bardot-inspired hair, nautical-striped coats, Barbie-like pink purses and clean androgynous three-piece suits.

John Galliano said,

I didn’t really want to do ‘China’ at all. Not only because I have done that, but because I didn’t think it was appropriate. I just thought it would be really fierce, really cool, to present le savoir faire français.

A view of Christian Dior’s chief designer,

I was just trying to recapture that excitement that was happening at that time in Paris, which is very similar to what is happening in Shanghai today.

John Galliano’s Christian Dior Resort 2011 collection is all about cute prints and pastel colors. One can easily find any color she is looking for in this collection, as from blossom to peach and aqua to baby blue, John Galliano Resort 2011 collection for Christian Dior is acquainted with every color.

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