Dress Up Lady GaGa T Shirts

{YBA} Little girl, lady GaGa who sing along on her tape recorder to the Micheal Jackson hits, is no wonder multi-talented signer today named Lady GaGa. Her goal as an artist is to funnel a POP record to a world in a very interesting way. She believes, “POP culture is art, It does not make you cool to hate POP cultur, so i embraced it and you hear it all over the fame, but it is a shareable fame. I want to invite you all to the party. I want people to feel, a part of this lifestyle.”

GaGa also show her passion for love songs on amazing softer tracks as the “Brown Eyes” is the most romantic and vulnerable song on the album “She Explains”. A touch song “Eh Eh” is the famous simple POP song about finding someone new and breaking up with the old boyfriend.

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