How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster and Longer? – As Fast As You Thing

Have you ever wondered if there are natural remedies that actually work and make hair grow faster? Have you ever been told that there is nothing you can do to make your mane grow more quickly because of genetics? Actually, that is not true. That is quite like saying that fertilizer can not help a plant grow in length and size because of genetics.

You will find growing long hair is not that difficult for some women but for others it is not easy at all. For those of us who have a slow hair growth, long beautiful hair is like a dream. Some women even use hair extensions or wigs to make their hair look lengthier. However, all these are not permanent solutions. The obvious question that arises next is how to make your hair grow faster and longer then. This question is being discussed more elaborately in the following section.

Tips to Grow Hair Faster

  • The first step to grow long locks is to stimulate blood flow to the scalp with a wide toothed wooden comb. You can improve blood flow to the scalp and grow a longer mane by using a wooden wide-toothed comb whenever you comb your hair. Be sure not to over brush your mane and never use a brush that has bristles since these can damage your locks. The scalp massage with the wooden comb will not only keep your scalp clean, but they will also distribute your manes natural oils making it appear healthy and shiny.
  • If you want to make hair grow faster, never use a brush on wet locks. When your tresses are wet it is much more fragile and will break more easily. This will slow down the growth process.
  • Wide toothed combs are best to use when you have to get tangles out of your mane. So use them when trying to grow a healthy mane.
  • You want to avoid using chemical based hair care products and heated styling tools. These products damage your tresses which in turn slow down the rate at which your locks grow. If you use a dye color, make sure to use products with natural ingredients in order to prevent damage to your tresses.
  • To make hair grow faster wear loose hairstyles. Choose styles that are loose to avoid damage and which will help your locks grow longer Styles such as ponytails, buns and braids are good options.
  • Wear a satin scarf to protect your locks. This is especially helpful if you have long locks because it can get damaged when it rubs against your clothing.
  • Avoid using commercial shampoos, shampoos these products remove the natural oils from the scalp. The natural oils on your scalp keep your tresses healthy and allows them to grow healthy and strong. You can cleanse your mane by using a natural shampoo product two and three times a week for best results.
  • Finally, you want to make sure to use Mira oil. It is a natural leave in conditioning treatment that aids in growing your mane. Mira oil is made with natural herbs that improve the look and feel of your mane. Natural oils will help retain moisture and provide in a healthy and natural environment that will give you a healthy thick mane.
  • These are the eight proven ways to make hair grow faster. I recommend that you stick with them and apply them as often as you can. You will be happy with the length and health of your mane in a few short weeks.

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