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1. Diff B/W Ignorance & Selfcontrol

Diff B/W Ignorance & selfcontrol?

When u c mirror & u don’t laugh at yourself,
that is ignorance!

When i look at u & i don’t laugh,
thats called self control

2. Basanti in Kutto Ke Aage Mat Naachna

Veeru:basanti in kutto ke aage mat naachna.
Sardarji sitting with his dog in d theater.
Saali naachegi kaise nahi, kutte ka bhi ticket liya hai.

3. Raat Muje Ek Aadmi Ne Chaku Dikhakar Loot Liya

sardar- Raat muje ek aadmi ne chaku dikhakar loot liya.
Friend- Lekin tere paasto hamesha gun hoti hai.
sardar – wo meine chupa di thi, varna wo bhi chori ho jati…

4. A Boy with a Sweet Girl

A boy with a sweet girl entered a jewellery shop
Choose a ring worth 8 lacs for her.
Gave a cheque & said she will collect ring on Monday after the cheque is cleared.
On Monday.
Jeweller called boy:
There’s no money in your account.

I know,
But, you can’t imagine what a weekend I enjoyed

5. Boy and Girl of Class 2 asked Teacher

Boy and girl of class 2 asked teacher:
“can kids of our age have kids?”

Teacher replied ” NO Never!!”

Boy said to girl :
“see i told you not to worry!!!!”

6. Boy to Girl

Boy to girl- Apni body to dekho jaise haddiya hi haddiya ho!
Girl- isliye itni der se soch rahi hu k mere pass Kutta kyo khara hai?

7. Ek Bhikari Ki Lottery Lagi

Ek Bhikari Ki Lottery lagi to Us ne Masjid banwai.
2nd Bhikari:
Tu ne Masjid Q banwai?

Is ke Saamne ab mein Akela hi Bheek maango ga

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