Coach Handbags Collection 2010 Celebrities Creation

{YBA} There are celebrities that donate to charity without any publicity, just to help people in need. But there are also those who give money and make lots of fuss of all this. This is what I hate. If you really want to help no one needs to know that. Simply do it without attracting attention to yourself.

How about charity and expensive bags? An unforgettable combination, yeah? Here they come, 60 Coach bags for around $400-$600 made by celebrities in charity purposes. The list of these include Kristen Stewart, Heidi Klum, Mischa Barton, Hilary Swank, Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Alba and others.

The world’s famous premium bag and accessories maker, Coach, is set to celebrate the opening of its store in Shanghai by launching these beautiful bag collection. Teamed up with Hollywood celebrities, Coach created really exclusive and unique bag collection. The collection will go on sale at eBay and the sales will be donated to Jackie Chan’s Almsdeed Foundation.

What do you think about the bags? Would you like to have any of them in your wardrobe?

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