12 Tips to Have Healthy Hair

When it comes to maintaining your hair, you will receive different kinds of advices from different people from different walks of life. While moms will advise you to properly oil you hair always if you want to have and maintain a healthy air, your hairdresser will probably recommend stuffs like Moroccan oil, hair strengthening, and hair spa. However, despite the millions of hair tips being thrown around, research has shown that around 78 percent of women aren’t happy with their type of hair, which is due to the fact that most of these tips flying around on the internet were probably fabricated by non-experts.

However, maintaining a healthy and shiny hair is quite simple as long as you know the right things to do. That’s why we have consulted experts and carried out a very comprehensive research to compile 12 super effective tips. Maintaining attractive and good locks is quite a big issue nowadays, so we hope everyone will find our hair tips useful. One of the most important things you must know is that since hair is made of protein, practicing good hygiene and maintaining a healthy diet are vital components of keeping up luscious locks. With that said, below are our top tips 12 tips to have healthy and glossy hair.

  1. Protect Your Hair

It is important to protect your hair from rain, wind, and sun at all times. Exposing your hair to excessive heat, sun, pollution, dirt, and more only adds to our hair issues, since it can lead to a buildup of dirt, drying out of scalp and hair, and increased vulnerability to infections. You can use a hat or an umbrella to protect your hair.

  1. Don’t Overuse the Curling Iron or Hair Dryer

Even if your hair is already beautiful and smooth, try reducing the frequency at which you curl or dry it during the week. It’s a lie if someone tells you that curling irons do not hurt the hair, they do. These elements produce a lot of heat, and exposure to such heat will probably dry out your hair, which might make it lifeless and dull, and more probably to break. You are advised to only use these elements when you are attending a special occasion or on cold days when you should not go out with a wet head.

  1. Deal Cautiously With Wet Hair

Wet hair is always very delicate and is easily broken. When your hair is wet, its roots and shaft are more susceptible to being damaged. Breakage starts from shampooing, so do not be overly harsh when doing it. Also, don’t brush your hair straightaway after a shower. In the event that you need to, then utilize a shower cap.

  1. Condition The Appropriate Way

Conditioning has to be done the proper way. Conditioners are made to seal the moisture content that is in the shaft of the hair, and not for the scalp. Begin conditioning your hair around 2 inches from the scalp. Conditioning the scalp excessively will only leave excessive oil on your scalp, thereby making it oily.

  1. Use Shampoo and Conditioner From the Same Brand

Trying choosing a shampoo and hair conditioner from the same brand due to the fact that they would have similar formulations. They are formulated for a particular type of hair and a particular purpose. You get to see better results when you utilize products from a single brand rather than different products from different brands.

  1. Avoid Excessive Dying

While dying your hair each month sounds exciting, it can do a lot of damage to your hair. Stay away from  dyes and hold on to your hair’s natural color so that you won’t be tempted to dye your hair again when it grows out. To reduce the damage done to your hair, stay away from dying for a while.

  1. Don’t Wash Your Hair Too Often

Both your hair stands and scalp require a lot of hours to completely dry. In addition, washing your hair excessively only reduces the amount of the natural oil it contains, and thereby makes it look dull. The frequency at which you wash your hair will largely depend on the type of your hair and the period of the year. Although, avoid washing your hair everyday regardless of the period.

  1. Limit Your Shampoo Usage

While people that have thin, greasy, or lousy hair may need to use a shampoo every single day, they need to limit it to may be every third day. Excessive hair washing takes away the natural oil from the hair’s scalp, which may make it irritable and dry, and the hair as a result may appear dead. According to experts – apart from the fact that excessive shampooing will damage your hair, it might also worsen its condition if its damaged already.

  1. Avoid Braiding Tightly During Bedtime

When going to bed, braid your hair loosely to prevent a curled mess. Try to choose a side braid. Leaving your hair totally open has a tendency of creating knots, meaning your hair has to be subjected to brushing and pulling in the morning. Over brushing, however, leads to frizziness.

  1. Rinse Your Hair With Cold Water

Just like your skin pores, hair follicles usually open up the moment there is a contact between your hair and steam or hot water. Close the opened hair follicles by using cold water to wash your hair as the final step of your bath routine. Besides, this helps in preventing frizz since your follicles are closed physically and are pointed in different directions.

  1. Oil The Scalp Frequently

Oil your hair as often as possible and utilize a mild shampoo to eliminate the oil afterwards. While oiling the scalp of your hair is very good for the overall health of the hair, avoid overdoing it. Dripping oil will only require you to apply more shampoo, which may remove more natural oils regardless of how gentle it is.

  1. Healthy Eating

When you are healthy, it reflects on your hair as well. Therefore, if you want to have a really healthy hair, it is compulsory for you to eat right. Some nutrients such as proteins, iron, and vitamins are crucial for the health and growth of your hair. If you are not able to obtain adequate nutrient from your diet, you might need to take supplements into consideration. Besides, a good hair diet will enhance your overall confidence to remain smart and healthy.

Of course, all of us want our hairs to look like those of movie stars, but are we willing to put in the required effort? While everything starts from the basics, we can’t still disregard extra care in our environment today. If you want to keep your hair gorgeous forever, then you need to give it an extra loving and care. And if the products on your shelf aren’t working for you any longer, then it’s high time you moved to more natural solutions. If you follow our tips, we assure you that your hair will keep its shine forever.

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