Top 10 Hair Care Tips For Damaged Hairs

Are you sick and tired of dealing with your wild tresses? If the answer is an emphatic yes, then it is time to tame your troubling flyaway and rehab your damaged locks for good. If you think that beautiful hair is all about super smooth strands and bouncy locks, you couldn’t be more right than this.

After all, what can be a bigger turn-off than a shaft of dry, wiry, frizzy, unmanageable locks bunched up in a messy bun? Damaged and dry hair is often the unsightly upshot of poor hair care and unhealthy dietary habits, and the only way to revive the gorgeous curls without going the chemical way is to treat it with care.

In a fashion conscious age that we are part of, almost everyone wants to look perfect, whether its about their dressing sense or good hairs, but in a jet life that we are living, we hardly gets time to work for it and as result we have not so good looking hairs.

Have you had those terrible hair days, when your hair just seem to resemble hay? Well, been there. In fact, for a long time, I thought that going bald and waiting for a new mane to grow was the only option I had left. But then. I gave it a thought, and realized that a bald me would look way worse than me with damaged hair. So, that’s when my research on damaged hair care and damaged hair home remedies began. Now, I have my beautiful long mane back, and my confidence as well.

Damaged Hair:

Technically speaking, damaged hair means those hair cuticles that have been cracked, chipped, roughened or worn off. Typically damaged hair is rough to the touch, dry and brittle. It is easily susceptible to breakage. Some of the most common external reasons for hair damage include:

  • Frequently bleaching, dyeing, perming, straightening the hair.
  • Washing the hair too frequently.
  • Vigorously rubbing the hair.
  • Using dryers and other styling equipments too frequently.
  • Use of wrong/unsuitable products/methods to style the hair.
  • Harsh rays of the sun.
  • Chemicals and pollutants in water.

Internal factors that can damage hair include poor diet, stress, insomnia and Anemia, vitamin deficiency especially during pregnancy and lactating period.

Damaged Hair Care:

Undoing the damage caused to the hair will take both time and effort. But it is definitely not a daunting task. While certain specific products do have the ability to repair the hair, in some rare cases very little can be done to the damaged hair. The only solution in such cases would be to wait for new hair to grow. Some of the solutions for damaged hair care include:

  • Avoid daily washing of hair unless it is extremely necessary. Washing hair daily is recommended for those who lead an active outdoor or athletic life. As long as the hair stays reasonably clean and easy to manage, hair can be washed once in about 3 days. Daily washing strips the scalp of its essential oils. Use shampoos that are protein enriched and don’t wash away the natural oils.
  • Just like the skin, the hair also get affected by the sun. Hence, if you are venturing out on a sunny day, you will be outdoors for long, cover your hair with a hat or a scarf. Women should try to keep their hair tied at such times. This is because untied hair tend to get affected by the heat, wind and sun faster.
  • Do not rub the hair vigorously as excess friction can cause hair to break off.
  • Always remember to trim your hairs within 6 week to keep your hairs well in shape ,in the way you want it. it will not only improve the growth of your hairs but that also in well-defined shape.
  • Always use a wide toothed comb and comb the hair gently. Do not comb hair when it is wet, as the hair is very weak. And do remember that back-combing is one of the causes of hair breakage.
  • Pamper your dry mane with a relaxing hair massage and retain gorgeous hair always. A hot oil massage helps in restoring moisture and rehabilitates static hair by boosting blood circulation and strengthening hair roots. Grab any good hair oil and massage it on your head and for two to three minutes to stimulate your scalp.
  • Never ever use hot water to wash your hair. Hot water tends to strip the hair of its natural oils, leaving it feeling dry and worn. Always stick to cold water to rinse your mane. Furthermore, never get overzealous with your shampoo as extra lather would only rob your hair off its shine and glow and will leave it feeling dull and dry. Also, don’t forget to top every rinse with a hydrating conditioner to lock in the moisture and natural oils.
  • When your hairs are wet, they are more prone to entangled, break and split ends. so make sure that you don’t brush your hairs while they are wet and entangled. Also don’t twist your hair up into a towel when it is wet, instead you can gently squeeze the hair with a towel to remove excess water.
  • Using oil on the hair at least once in a week allows the hair to retain its moisture. More so, hair loss can be prevented to quite an extent by oiling the hair at least 4 hours before you wash the oil off. Jojoba oil, coconut oil and olive oil are great products for hair care. They are in fact great home remedies for dry hair. In case you have severely damaged hair, oiling it twice a week, 4 hours before you wash them, can act as an effective part of damaged hair treatment.
  • Use a wide toothed comb to comb the hair. This will avoids breakage and untangles the hair, with care. More so, avoid combing the hair when they are wet. This is because hair break more easily when they are wet. Allow the hair to dry naturally, and avoid the use of hair dryers and straighteners as far as possible. In case you need to use a straightener, let the hair get completely dry, naturally, before you used the iron on the hair.

It is important to remember that a good and healthy head of hair, leads to a good and healthy personality. Let’s face it, a person with a good mane, will look attractive. So, get started and pamper your hair cuticles with these excellent damaged hair care tips. This is where I sign off! Make that mane mind blowing!

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