7 Essential Ways To Care Curly Hair in Winter

Colder winter months always mean paying extra attention to our coily tresses. The dry air and cold wind affects the health and appearance of your hair. Girls with naturally curly hair know that the seemingly wash and go ease of the style can be a tad misleading, particularly when trying to combat frizz and the arid conditions of winter.

This hair type struggles with dryness year round, but it gets even more difficult in winter. So today I have a few amazing curly hair care tips in winter you can do to maintain that beautiful mane through the winter months. You will definitely like these articles: Best Fitness Tips for Lazy Ladies, Polynesian Tattoo Designs for Girls and Home Remedies for Head Acne.

The Effective Curly Hair Care Tips in Winter

  1. In winter the weather drys you out. It drys your skin, your lips, and even your hair. So keeping it moisturized is a must! I have used this Orofluido Elixir and it made my hair so soft & silky! Ouidad also has some amazing products. They cater to women with curly hair, but anyone can use it. This moisturizing styling gel would be a great one for winter.
  2. Use a daily conditioning treatment when you shower. Try a light leave-in for afterwards, such as a spray leave-in or light creme. Treat your curls to a deep conditioning treatment once a week.
  3. Honey is a natural humectant and helps your hair retain moisture, making it a great treatment for dry, winter hair. Honey can be added to cleansers, conditioners, deep conditioners and oils. Honey also works well works when combined with other ingredients, so you can look for products that contain honey.
  4. Use the hot oil treatment before washing your hair. Allowing oil to sit on hair prior to shampooing can help soften the hair and making de-tangling easier to accomplish. This also adds coating to the hair so using the shampoo won’t be as stripping to your hair. The best oil for curly ad wavy hair is jojoba oil, sweet almond oil and olive oil, as they are light and help control fizz.
  5. Wind and winter air will steal moisture from your hair. If you’ll be out in the elements for any length of time, cover your hair to protect it. Choose a satin scarf as your first layer touching your hair, then cover with a thicker scarf or hat.
  6. Boil two quarts of water and simmer for one hour, remove from heat and add five drops of pure lavender essential oil, and stir. Allow it to cool and pour into spray bottles. Bring a mini-spray bottle in your purse or keep one at work. It’s a great way to freshen up your locks throughout the day.
  7. All curls can benefit from sleeping on a satin pillowcase as your waves and curls won’t dry so quickly, as they would with a cotton case. You can also wrap your curls and waves in a silk or satin scarf as it will help to reduce fizz.

Do You have curly hair? How do you care for your hair? Want to share your own curly hair tips? Add your comments below to help others with the same hair!

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