Cheap Halloween Home Decorating Ideas

When it comes to decorating for a holiday, Halloween is second only to Christmas. And just like Christmas decorations, Halloween fare can be expensive (especially when you add costumes into the mix). But don’t fret. There are a ton of simple and budget-friendly ideas for Halloween decorating that anyone can make use of without breaking the bank.

However, there are ways in which you can adorn your house on Halloween, without spending a bomb. We are talking about cheap home decorations. They are not only economical, but look attractive as well. If you are still not convinced, go through the budget ideas for Halloween decorations that have been mentioned below. They will definitely impress you and find a place amidst your Halloween home decor.

Cheap Halloween Home Decor Ideas

Spooky Garland:

You have must have made garlands, out of red and green paper strips, for Christmas. Halloween is the time to repeat the procedure, only this time it will be with different colored strips i.e. orange and black. Use the orange and black garlands along the beams in your ceiling or hang them on the inside of your door. They will definitely provide an eerie look to your house.

Ghost Luminaries:

Recycle used plastic milk cartons into ghost luminaries. Wash out several gallon-size milk cartons and allow to dry. Draw ghostly eyes and a mouth with a marker on one side of each carton. Cut an opening in the side of the carton opposite the face. Place a battery-operated light inside to illuminate.

Spider Webs:

Spider webs have long been associated with ghosts, witches, scary houses, and the like. So, what better way to decorate your house on Halloween, than with artificial spider webs! Buy a bag of quilt batting and some plastic spiders from the discount stores. Tear, not cut, the quilt batting into parts and hang them around the light fixtures in your house. You can also use them to adorn corners of each room and hang them from ceiling fans and photo frames. Thereafter, stick the spiders throughout the webs.


Craft indoor or outdoor graveyard decorations using cardboard or wood and paint. Cut cardboard or wood into the shape of an arched tombstone. Paint with a gray paint. Paint Halloween-inspired names and messages onto the tombstones with black paint. Allow to dry. Lightly dab white paint and black paint on tombstone to create an aged look.

Broken Bones:

When Halloween is around the corner, the mention of skeletons and bones is almost inevitable. Wait a moment! Why don’t you use broken bones to decorate your house (I don’t mean literally!)? All you have to do is buy a big packet of shell-shaped macaroni from the market. Place the macaroni under you welcome mat. Every time a person steps on it, there will be a cracking noise, just like that from breaking of bones.

Spooky Bodies:

Transform old clothing into a spooky body to include in your Halloween decor. Sew or tape closed a pair of pants and a long-sleeved shirt at the ankles and wrists. Stuff the clothing with newspaper or plastic bags. Stuff a Halloween mask or stocking with newspaper for the head. Assemble the body parts. Apply paint or makeup to make body look dirty or bloody. Recline the body in a chair or against a wall for support.


Tombstones definitely have that ‘scary’ look about them. This year, on Halloween, bring the tombstones inside your house. All you have to do is take a large piece of cardboard and cut out tombstone shapes from it. With the help of paint, give them the typical gray color and use a black marker to write some ‘eerie’ sayings on them. If you can’t think of such sayings on your own, make use of the internet.

Carved Pumpkin:

The terms ‘Halloween’ and ‘Pumpkin’ are almost synonymous with each other. This time, use a carved pumpkin as an adornment for your Halloween decor. All you need is a pair of sharp knives. Empty out the pumpkin and carve eyes, nose and zigzag lips on it. You can also put a bulb inside it, which, when lit up, will give a really scary effect. Keep the pumpkin at a place where it will be visible to every one who comes inside the house.

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