How to Shape and Trim Eyebrows: Is It The Right Way?

The eyebrows are very prominent thing to the women face and important part of beauty. Every women wants to look beautiful. For this purpose we are trim the eyebrows. Eyebrows should be of a natural thickness. By taking the face in mind we can trim the eyebrows in proper way by giving the good shape. After trimming the eyebrows the face can look like with a common sense approach. The eyebrows always want to make eyebrows very thin and have harsh angles depending og there facil features. The good shaped eyebrows play a big part in having beautiful eyes, and in brightening and softening your face.

Trimming is one of the popular methods to shape the eyebrows. You can shape your brows, as you desire as trimming gives greater control and precision over removing hair. You can do it at home for yourself. Waxing needs more skill, so a professional can only do it the best. It can peel off, burn or wrinkle the skin. But if you choose trimming, it is very safe, as compared to other methods of shaping the eyebrows.  You will not feel pain at all as hair is not pulled from follicles but cut.  While trimming, no chemical is used so there is no chance of skin rashes or skin allergy. It is a very good method for sensitive skin.

The eyebrows are done by two process in which first one is trimming and second is waxing. To remove eyebrows by using the waxing of hair indiscriminately. It is very harsh on the delicate skin around the eye area. We can trim the eyebrows by waxing in the home also. It is easy method and the eyebrows can not grow upto 2 to 3 weeks. In the trimming process the eyebrows are give the shape by threading. All the genetic information about length, thickness and color of the hair is in the root.

How to Trim Coarse Eyebrow Hairs:

  • Trim single coarse eyebrow hair as a test
  • Make sure it lies flat after trimming
  • Trim all other brows keeping the same length

How to Trim Soft Eyebrow Hairs:

  • Brush the hair up from the bottom
  • Trim the hairs so they are at least 3-5 mm above the top of the brow line

Tips for to Trim Eyebrows:

There are some essential methods are used to trim the eyebrows and also there are some precautions and maintainance also required for to grow the eyebrow. There are some tips are available for to trim the eyebrows and they are as follows.

  • Wash your face with cleanser and some warm water. Blot dry with a wash cloth.
  • Start the eyebrow shaping process by determining the correct design for your face and features.
  • To tweezers from underneath brow removing one row of hair from beginning of brow to end.
  • Trim the length of the hair such that it is at least 3 – 5 millimeters above the top of the brow line.
  • Take an eyeliner pencil and place it vertically against your nose.
  • Ultimately the point of eyebrow shaping is to adjust the viewer’s focus away from your eyebrows, to your eyes instead.
  • To give shape to the eyebrows by using the eyebrow pencil and use mascara for good looking.
  • To try out different eyebrow shapes to conceptualize the impact.
  • You can use cleansing grains to exfoliate the area so that hairs aren’t trapped beneath the surface of the skin.
  • Always eyebrows are professionally shaped.
  • To make eyebrows on a weekly or bi-weekly.

How Much Eyebrow Hair should be Trimmed?

How much hair should be trimmed depend upon the individual. If you trim eyebrow hair too short then they cannot lie flat. If you have fine and smooth hair then they can be trimmed short otherwise for coarse thick hair, this is not the case. Thick hairs need to be longer than the thin hair to lie flat.

So if you have thick hair, try to trim one hair and test that it can lie flat.  For soft and fine hair, brush upward from the base and trim them to keep their length at least 3-5 millimeter above the brow line. Trim slowly, bit by bit. Watch carefully and take a good few minutes for perfect eyebrow trimming.

5 Steps to a Perfect Eyebrow Shape:

Eyebrow shape is one of the most important parts to beauty. Your eyebrow shape depends on your facial features. It can help you look younger and “lift” the eye so it appears firmer.

  • Trim your eyebrows. This will make a big difference in helping you look younger. Once eyebrows reach a certain length they start losing pigments at the ends. I love using a mustache trimmer set I purchased at a department store. It comes with a little comb and perfect point scissors. Comb your eyebrows up, trim any excess that goes beyond the natural hair line. Comb your eyebrows down, and do the same. It may seem like a lot at first but trust me, you will love the outcome.
  • Take an eyeliner pencil and place it vertically against your nose. It should run from the side of the nose, mid-mouth, and by the tear duct of the eye. This is where your eyebrow should start; any hair that is visible beyond the pencil should be tweezed.
  • Next place the pencil diagonally where it should hit the middle of the mouth, nostril, and outside the iris of the eye. This is wear your arch is. Tweeze a gradually line from the arch to the start of the eyebrow. Remember, Gradual, nothing harsh.
  • To determine the end of the eyebrow, place the pencil diagonally across to the opposite corners of the mouth, nostril, and outside corner of the eye. Any hair that goes past should be tweezed.
  • Place your pencil horizontal from the start of the eyebrow to the end of the eyebrow. The pencil should create a perfect straight line.

For those of you, who prefer a wax or threading over a pair of tweezers; make sure you go to a trusted salon. I have seen a lot of eyebrow accidents. It seems like they always want to make eyebrows very thin and have harsh angles. Look through magazine and see how models and celebrities have their eyebrows shaped. Don’t let them over do it. Thin eyebrows will age a woman faster then sun and birthdays!

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