iPad 2 and iPhone 5 will Feature Dual Core GPU [News]

To day, we have posted earlier about iPad 2, and iPhone 5 that will feature Dual Core Processor. Now we came to know that the 2nd generation iPad, iPhone 5 will feature Dual Core GPU. According to Apple Insider, the 2nd generation iPad and iPhone 5 will feature Dual Core SGX543 GPU from Imagination Technologies. Earlier we have posted iPad 2, and iPhone 5 will come with 1080p support and SD Card Slot. Rumors are also coming that the 2nd generation iPad will feature 2048×1536 high resolution display.

Apple’s next generation iPad and iPhone, both due the first half of this year, will pack a new version of the company’s custom A4 chip, with dual, faster graphics cores capable of supporting a Retina Display iPad and potentially bringing 1080p HD support to iOS devices, including Apple TV.

As we know a dual core GPU will need a comparable CPU so it shouldn’t be surprising. Well, We have to wait until the release of iPad 2, and iPhone 5. Share your views about this news in the comment section below. As usual stay tuned with us we will update you as soon as we get any information regarding iPad 2, and iPhone 5.

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