Cute Messy Updo Hairstyle Techniques for Mid Length Hairs: Fabulous Tips

A perfect look for holiday parties, the messy updo is a super chic look that’s a favorite of many celebrities. This spring have fun with your hair, get out of your usual routine and try something new, fresh and fun. One of my favorite looks for spring is a messy updo hairstyle.

The key to creating messy updos is to first style your hair messy. There are many ways to give your hair the messy-unkempt look. If you have naturally wavy hair, then there is not much to do. However, if you have straight hair, then you will need to work harder to achieve the messy curly hairstyles  look. To make straight hair look messy there are many ways. The easiest is use a sea salt spray in your hair, then make four equal sections in your hair.

Make four braids out of this section of your hair. Wait till the hair dry, then unbraid your hair and you will have great beach waves in your hair, which you can use to create messy updos. Other ways to style straight hair messy include using rollers, curling iron, perming etc.

The following would be the detailed steps you need to follow to recreate this spectacular Messy Updo Style.

1. Shampoo hair with product created for your particular type, texture and current condition of hair. Someone to try? Ken Paves Healthy Hair Shampoo.

2. Finish shampoo treatment having a rinse-out conditioning product made for your hair styles, texture and condition. Someone to try? Ken Paves Healthy Hair Conditioner.

3. Complete the ultimate rinse with cool water rinse to shut cuticles.

4. Towel blot hair to get rid of excess water.

5. Apply detangling or leave in detangler and working in the ends for the roots, carefully detangle strands. Create desired parting (front, side, high or low).

6. When hair is totally detangled, apply a styling cocktail which includes a combination of leave-in conditioner and/or styling cream or mousse. In case your hair is naturally curly or wavy, you may decide to apply a straightening balm or defrisant.

Nteo: In case your hair requires extra hold you may decide to apply a styling glaze and/or gel as well as a leave-in product.

7. Work with a hair dryer set on medium heat along with a large flat paddle brush.

Separate hair into 2-4 inch sections with one hand while you direct heat down the shaft in the roots towards the ends using the hair dryer.

8. Still work completely around your face from sideways dealing with individual sections before entire head has been completely dried and straightened.

9. Apply dab of styling cream or pomade before creating the part that extends in the hairline to approximately 2 inches back for the crown.

10. After creating the required part, produce a horizontal part that extends over the back from the head behind each ear.

11. Separate the newly horizontally parted hair into front and back sections.

12. Use your fingers to assemble the rear portion of hair right into a loose ponytail using the base situated right below the the surface of the crown.

13. Anchor the ponytail having a Bungee, Blax or rubber band.

14. Select one strand in the tail from the pony and wrap the strand around the bottom of the ponytail to pay for the Bungee, Blax or similar rubber band. Use bobby pins to pin the bottom hair into place.

15. Separate pony hair into individual strands of hair that are approximately 2″ thick. Use medium to large barrel curling iron to produce loose curled loops. Following the portion of hair may be curled throughout the iron use fingers to roll right into a soft barrel style curl. Pin with bobby pins to secure from the scalp.

16. Use hot iron on all sections. Roll and pin barrel curls into all sections until all strands happen to be used and also the newly printed curls cascade from the top of the pony right down to the nape within the neck.

Note: If the hair is exceptionally long or thick, you may want to use thicker sections when designing and pinning the barrel curls.

17. Once you have finished pinning the barrel curls use your fingers to shape and mold the finished updo.

When pleased with the form, use bobby pins exactly the same color of the hair to anchor it towards the scalp. Use as numerous bobby pins as necessary.

18. Sweep the residual front hair right into a long eye brushing side fringe. Work with a hair straightener to acquire a sleek finish and slightly curl the eventually ends up for any flirty flick.

19. Place bobby pins discreetly round the side swept front hair to assist anchor the sweep of hair to the back from the style.

20. When hair may be completely pinned and is able to be finished, spray the whole head having a firm hold hairspray.

21. Finish having a light using shine spray or drops carefully palmed outrageous from the waves to prevent them from getting too much product which can make hair greasy or oily. Remember, just a little will go a long way.

22. Attach desired hair accessories such as a single flower, jeweled accent clips or barrettes. Or take the style up a notch and decorate with some sparkly hair gems.

How to do a Messy Updo Hairstyle – Video

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