6 Simple Ways to Protect Your Dental Health Over the Next Year

Beginning a new year offers an opportunity to let go of old habits and replace them with more beneficial ones. Consider what would happen if you decided that this is the year you will pay more attention to your dental health. Making a few simple changes like having a Barrie dental cleaning once or twice in the next 12 months will make a difference in more than one way. Consider these six examples and what they would mean for you.

Start Off With a Dental Check-Up

When it comes to dental health, nothing beats beginning the year with a complete dental check-up. Even if you think your teeth are fine, you still want that verified by a professional. There are many dental issues that are not easily detected by patients. Fortunately, a dental expert knows what to look for and what it means if there is a little discoloration along a gum or a tiny spot on a tooth.

The results of that check-up establish a starting point for taking care of your teeth and gums properly. If everything is fine, that’s good news. Should there be something that needs attention, you now have the chance to address it before things can get worse.

If You Need Dental Work Have It Done

While it may be something minor, it makes sense to receive treatment for whatever the check=up reveals. Maybe it is something that could wait a few months, but why do that? Your best bet is to see when the dentist can schedule you for whatever treatment or procedure that you need. Getting it done sooner rather than later frees you to move on to others ways of keeping yourself healthy.

And Schedule That Cleaning

If your teeth and gums are in top shape, revel in the news. Even so, don’t leave that check-up without scheduling your first Barrie dental cleaning of the year. Commit to keeping that appointment and not canceling or rescheduling for anything less than a dire emergency. While you’re at it, talk with your dentist about how often to have your teeth cleaned. Depending on a number of factors, twice a year or even more often may be a good idea.

Ask Your Dentist For Advice About Day to Day Dental Hygiene

You’ve been brushing and flossing your teeth for years. Surely you are doing that right. What you may not realize is that most people do pick up some less than helpful habits with personal dental hygiene as the years pass. It may be that you don’t brush long enough or don’t replace your toothbrush often enough. There may even be something about the way you floss that could stand some improvement.

Feel free to talk about these and other matters before your dental check-up is complete. You can bet that your dentist will be happy to answer your questions and even demonstrate how to brush and floss to best advantage.

Then Follow Through on That Advice

Hearing good advice is great, but you must put it to use in order to get any benefits. Get a new toothbrush on the way home. Try that flossing technique that the dentist recommended tonight. If the dentist recommended trying a toothpaste with certain ingredients, pick up a tube when you buy the new toothbrush. Following through with that good advice will make a difference between now and your next Barrie dental cleaning.

If You Slip and Fall Get Up and Start Again

You did pretty well the first couple of weeks after your dental check-up. Slowly you began to fall back into your old habits. Does that mean all is lost? Not at all!

Instead of giving up and giving in, resume your new dental regimen today. You can’t control what happened in the past, but you can decide things will be different from now on. The effort will be worth it.

It’s up to you. Are you serious about taking proper care of your teeth and gums? If so, make some changes this year. It won’t be long before you notice a big difference.

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