Bathroom Decorating Ideas: Smart Bathroom Makeover

Make over your bathroom and spend thousands of dollars or use what you already have to its best advantage and spend very little. Cheap makeovers can refresh your bathroom and allow the inner beauty of the room you already have to show through. Use the money you have saved to buy some really wonderful accessories to help make the room feel more luxurious.

You spend time in the bathroom every single day, so why is it that the bathroom gets the least attention when it comes to decorating? We think your bathroom should serve as your own personal spa sanctuary. Even if you’re a babe on a budget, you can give your bathroom a quick and easy makeover with just a few simple tips.

Clean Slate

A clean bathroom is a beautiful one. Before you do any major revamps, deep-clean your bathroom using a powerful and effective product bathroom cleaner. If the grout in your shower or tub is laden with mildew, consider having it rerouted. A handyman can handle this task, and it’ll make your bathroom look brand new.

Add a Fresh Coat

If your bathroom looks outdated, consider what you can do to bring it into modern times without completely overhauling the room. For instance, new faucet fixtures will bring back some sparkle and won’t cost you much. Another great way to turn your bathroom into your own personal spa is by painting the walls. Select a color that evokes calmness, such as muted blue or green hues.

Light and Bright

Consider swapping out your bright bulbs for some with lower wattage to induce more of a spa feel. You can switch the bulbs, too, depending on your needs for the day.

Mirror on The Wall

If the mirror before you is just a big slab of reflective glass, dress it up by adding molding from a hardware store. If you are feeling really handy, replace the traditional single giant mirror with some framed mirrors. Make sure you use one large enough to center above the sink (or two of equal size if you have two sinks). You also can add smaller mirrors of varying shapes all around the rest of the bathroom. Buy plain mirrors and have them framed at a frame store so you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for ready-framed versions at retail stores.

That Makes Scents

Have you ever noticed the smell when you walk into a spa for a facial? It’s so… well, calming. The scents are there to help soothe you, and that is something you can easily recreate in your own spa sanctuary with the help of aromatic candles and essential oils.

Fragrant Bath

Indulge in an herbal sauna by hanging a bushel of fresh herbs including sage, lavender and mint from your bathtub faucet. As you fill the tub with hot water, the bundle of herbs will release fragrance that will fill the room.

Spa Staples

Fill a basket with spa essentials, such as a natural sea sponge, eye compress, loofah, natural soaps, facial masks and paraffin treatment supplies, so the necessities needed to pamper yourself are right at your fingertips.

Plush Indulgence

A day at the spa wouldn’t be the same without the ultra-plush towels that seem to be in endless supply. If you make one big indulgence in the quest to turn your bathroom into your own personal spa sanctuary, let it be this. The cost is well worth the return of bundling up in a soft, thick towel.

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