Dorm Room Decorating Ideas To Save Your Space

The thought of a dorm room can evoke an idea of a dull room filled with books, in a big mess, and generally somewhere you just want to crash and not spend any time there apart from sleeping. Another thought of a dorm room can evoke a completely opposite idea, of a personal space, decorated to suit your choice, books organized in the right manner, and lots of color and personal style reflecting from the furniture and decorations.

Those cold, drab dormitory rooms are things of the past or at least they can be. Leaving your parents’ cozy home for a room with two beds, boring furniture, plain walls and cold floors can be a shock for freshmen. Adjusting to challenging classes is hard enough without having to deal with anything-but-warm living conditions.

You may not be able to paint your walls, but you can use the advice on color schemes. Maybe you can’t fit a sofa in you room, but you can get a comfortable chair instead of using your bed for seating. If you are someone who had the second thought while thinking of a dorm room, take a look at how you can spice up your dorm room decor, from a dull space with bare walls, to one that screams of your personality through and through.

Tips on Decorating a Dorm Room:


Storage is a must in a dorm room. Besides the general dresser, desk and closet space you’ll have, you should plan to bring your own additional means for organizing stuff. Stackable shelves, closet organizers, hanging shelves and caddies are very handy. Consider a shoe organizer that has cubby spaces. You don’t have to put shoes in there; these are great for the things you need in reach often.

Can you put a storage bin under the bed? This is a good place to stow sweaters and things you don’t need as often. A computer station might be a good way to keep your printer, PC and other computer accessories together and contained. Stacking storage is a great help. If milk crates aren’t your thing, go to a closet organizer store and check out the options.

Wall Decoration:

The dorm room decorations can start with the walls, a favorite lace of many to stick those posters. Many universities allow re-painting of walls with some deposits, you can consider this option. If you don’t want to opt for that, there are sill many ways to decorate the walls. Get some frames, posters, wall hanging tapestries and pictures to grace up the walls. What’s more, you can consider painting some lovely patterns on wall with temporary colors as well.

If you are planning to change the wall colors than ‘jazzy’ the word you need to keep in your mind. One of the dorm room decorations for girls is to have a wall painted in shades of pink, violet, magenta, bright yellow or red. A dorm room idea for boys is to opt for shades of blue, black, gray, orange or brown.

Dorm Room Bedding:

Dorm room bedding is one of the most important essentials in a dorm room. In a dorm room, you are not likely to find or be able to fit a luxurious bed. A single bed, that is enough for you is perfect. What you can do to spice up your dorm bedding, is add in some throw pillows, with some beautiful covers in colors, patterns and fabrics of your choice, and have your bed double up as a seating area. This is possible if your bed is tucked in a corner against a wall. Add in a duvet to complement the colors in your dorm room. Ensure you have a bed with storage, something that is most essential when you are living in a small space.


Consider lofting a bed. This involves stacking the bed atop two dressers, freeing up space underneath for the dorm fridge, storage, or a study nook. You can be creative here! With a bed up, you have opened the space underneath, giving you more room to maximize your space. There are loft kits and other ways to organize the beds. Beds tend to take up the most space in a dorm room, so when you get the beds out of the way, you add options for dorm room decorating. In a very small room, you can loft the bed atop two dressers and put the second bed underneath, creating a lot of living space. If you’re in an older building with a huge walk-in closet, see if you can fit a desk in there.

Study Zone:

Yes, college life is supposed to be all about fun, but the basic purpose of being there is to study. Whether you’re a student of art or finance, you do need a small desk space for your laptop or desktop, along with some storage to keep all your study material. Again, if possible, get a corner desk as this takes up much less space and serves the purpose of your requirements. If you an ardent music fan, and have a lot of CDs, then ensure your desk comes with a CD rack to accommodate your collection. If you are a book lover, then make sure your desk fits this requirement. Else, you can fit a shelf or two above your desk to keep all your books and CDs.


Push furniture against the walls and use the corners as much as possible. By opening up the middle of the room, you make the room feel bigger.


This is your room, so make it your own. You don’t have to spend lots of money to have your sense of style come through. Posters, throws, pillows, rugs and low chairs can add style and comfort. Don’t overdo with too much, but a splash of color can help you express yourself and make your dorm a nice place to spend a semester or two.

Other Dorm Room Decor Essentials:

The dorm room ideas mentioned above do make it the most important requirements of dorm room decorations, but there are several other accessories that can further enhance the visual appeal of your personal space.

  • Lamps should never be overlooked in your dorm room. It is one of the essentials if you have to study until the wee hours of the morning. Pick a lamp that suits your style, with a funky and colorful lamp shade. Opt for a floor-mounted lamp if possible. It’s throw of light will be larger, and it will accessorize your room beautifully.
  • Every dorm room should have seating apart from the bed, and the chair for the study. Get either a bean bag, or a single, beautifully designed chair where you can sit and read, enjoy your music, or simply daydream.
  • Rugs are perfect to add the much needed color in a bland space. Place a rug against the base of your bed, and throw some cushions on it to double up as a seating space.
  • A great way of jazzing up your dorm room decor is also by choosing the right curtains or blinds to adorn your window(s). Free flowing sheer curtains, or blinds, if you prefer them over curtains, can breathe a whole new life into your dorm room.

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