Easy Tips For Keeping a Super Clean Home

No one wants to come home to a disorganized house. But how do you keep a smooth running home when most of your waking hours are spent at work?  Performing a deep clean of the house on the weekends may seem like the ideal solution for this problem, but do you really want to be scrubbing bathroom floors and sanitizing the kitchen area when you can be lounging by the beach and enjoying a quick trip outside town? Reserve your spare time for doing things you love, and do quick, 10-minute cleaning tasks daily to keep the house looking and smelling clean for longer.

In this article, Penny from Pristine Home highlights some of the simple things you can do each day to make your house the sanctuary it was designed to be:

Make your bed

No one will require you to make your bedroom look like a luxury hotel, but if you want to have a good night’s sleep and improve how you feel about this part of the house, the simple act of tidying your pillows and folding your blankets can make a world of difference. It is always a nice thought that you can come home to a bed that is tidied up at the end of a stressful day than to be greeted with an unmade bed that looks scruffy.

Making your bed does not have to take half an hour. Just clear everything that is on the bed, and place them on a tabletop surface, pull the sheet taught to ensure that is tucked in nicely, and spread your flat sheep on top of the fitted sheet. Put the pillows back on to the bed, and you’re done. You can finish this in five minutes or less.

Manage paper clutter

When you are busy, it is difficult to keep track of the papers that come into your house, and before you know it, you’re drowning in a pile of paper clutter that you end up wanting to throw everything away. An orderly home will appear chaotic if you have piles of miscellaneous papers that are not organized properly.

To manage paper clutter effectively, you only need to set up a simple filing system so you know where to put papers that come into your house. Have dedicated folders for tax documents, medical records, receipts, loan documents, and warranties. For papers that you will need to deal with soon like electricity bulls and school calendars, keep them in a separate folder so you know that they are ones that need your immediate attention. For papers you don’t need to keep, you can use a shredder or recycling bin so they don’t pile up and make a mess.

Keep up with washing the dishes

I’m guessing that at some point all of us are guilty of delaying the mundane task of washing the dishes. This chore is easily one of the most hated tasks for many people. But as much as you dread washing the dishes, the reality remains that it has to be done to prevent the spread of germs not just on the kitchen sink but around the house as well. To make the task less overwhelming, make it a point to wash the dishes before they pile up. With less number of dishes to wash, you will have an easier time motivating yourself to actually do it.

One advantage of cleaning the dishes immediately is that it is easier to remove oil stains, and food particles than when you leave the dishes untouched for hours. Dealing with this chore earlier will also reduce the appearance of clutter in the kitchen, and will allow you to move more freely when preparing a meal.

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