Rustic Decorations: Beautiful Home Decor Ideas

The latest trend in home decor is giving a rustic look to your home. The first look at a rustic style room gives us a wow feeling. In fact, the very term rustic adds words like charm, comforting and relaxing, to a decor. The best and the most unique way to decorate your home in a natural style is by adopting the rustic look. All you need for a rustic decoration is impersonating natural elements and placing them in your home.

Your rustic and cabin furniture can be built of logs, twigs, knotty pine, cedar, birch, and other beautiful rich colored woods, wicker, or it can be made of simple painted slats. Don’t use a lot of the same type, mix and match is the word of the day. To achieve that homey look, you want to make certain that your pieces have a well worn and natural look to them.

Giving rustic look to your home, is nothing but giving a natural country style look to the interior of your house. Rustic home decor has always been in trend. These decorating ideas make maximum use of wood textures and colors for all the elements of interior design, which include the furniture, accessories and flooring. Let us take a one by one look on these rustic home decorating ideas.

How To Decorate Your Home In A Rustic Style:

Colors & Textures:

The rustic theme calls for neutral, natural and earth tones from the nature. Choose colors that are warm and have different tones of woods. Brown, green, rust, a muted cousin of vivid and gray-blue reflect the natural look. Powdered versions can also be used to achieve the color correctness. For the bathroom, choose several shades of complementary dark green, with pure white or a dark or a lighter shade of brown for the perfect rustic color palette.

Make use of woods that are not finely planed and have imperfections. Use flagstones or unpolished granite on the plank floors. Stone hearths and exposed rock in plastered walls give a prevalent and impressive look.

Furniture Ideas for Rustic Decor:

Rustic home decorations consists of use of wooden furniture. It is not necessary that all the furniture in the room be wooden. But the centerpieces or the furniture, that is, the focus of the room should be wooden, to provide a perfect rustic look to the room. These centerpieces can be the sofa in the living room, the dining table in the kitchen or the bed in your bedroom.

Read more on, rustic kitchen cabinets. Too much use of wooden furniture can harm the look of the room. Use of distressed furniture can also be one of the options for providing rustic feel. Try to search for unique wooden furniture that will improve the rustic beauty.

Accessories for Rustic Feel:

Patchwork quilts give a cozy and antique look to any interior. Use them to cover the bed and as cushion covers also. To improvise the look, choose quilts with animal life or forests. Get wall hangings for your rustic home decor, such as huge natural paintings with deer antlers, animal heads and old tin advertising signage.

Old clocks, old rifles and other antique accessories can also be used. A chipped and charming mirror will make the home look inviting. You can also use colorful wreaths, yard flags, vines or rocks in decorative vases. Place an old traditional chessboard on one of the tables. Homey rugs and canisters can also help bring a rustic design to the kitchen.

Rustic Walls Ideas:

Rustic home decor includes warm wood tones and real wood accents. Whether a living room or bedroom, you can create an inviting look by mixing elements. Paint walls rich colors you would find in nature such as brown tones, rich greens and light creams. Although standard wood paneling is a dated look, an irregular horizontal wood accent wall can bring a sense of the
rustic to a larger space.

You can also use a peel-and-stick mural on an accent wall to enhance your rustic theme. Murals available include a wooded path scene, an autumn forest or a scenic pasture. Use a mural as an accent wall and pull colors from the mural to determine the colors for the other walls, as well as other coordinating elements in the room.

Rustic Flooring Ideas:

You do not have to think much about the flooring ideas for rustic theme. Hardwood floors make it easy to give the rustic natural look to the room or the house. Other options for rustic flooring include, flagstone or tile flooring. Slate flooring is also used widely for rustic theme decor. Use of area rugs help to enhance the rustic look of the flooring. Make sure you use the area rugs with colors that blend well with the color of the flooring. Ensure that the flooring used for this theme suits great with the remaining elements of the interior decoration, like furniture and wall colors. Read more on, hardwood flooring and rustic decorating ideas.

So, these were some rustic home decorating ideas. You need not give rustic feel to every element of your interior. With some innovative ideas and beautiful accessories implementation of rustic theme becomes easy.

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