Upper Lip Hair Removal For Women: Methods and Information

Getting rid of upper lip hair is a problem mostly for women, since men who wish to remove hair from their lip are already familiar with facial hair removal techniques indeed, most have dealt with the problem every day of their adult lives.

Unfortunate hairs and even a light mustache can occur on the upper lip of some women, however, and a method must be found to remove these unattractive additions to the female face which will leave neither stubble nor a five-o’clock shadow, which are nearly as objectionable to most women as the original lip hairs themselves.

One of the main physical characteristics that are usually prevalent in men is the presence of upper lip hair or mustache. This usually appears during puberty when the sex hormones begin to take effect and continues on for the reminder of a man’s life. However, this doesn’t mean that it is only exclusive in men. Some women also tend to produce hair on their upper lip because of excessive production of androgen.

This becomes a source of problem since the presence of upper lip hair is usually connected to being men. This is why women who have this look for various methods of upper lip hair removal that can guarantee longer lasting results.

Upper Lip Hair Removal Methods:


Good old tweezers. Tweezers can work great in a pinch in order to get rid of those unsightly lip hairs.  Because the are you’re treating is relatively small, something simple like tweezers just might be enough to get the job done.  Sure it’s going to be painful, however that’s usually only the case the first time around.

As you continue to pluck away at the hair when it re-grows, you’ll find the hair is pulled out more and more easily as time goes by.  This is also probably one of the least expensive options you have at your disposal.


Waxing removes hair at the root. There are a variety of different types of waxing products available, including warm wax, cold wax, prewaxed strips, and sugaring formulas you can purchase or prepare at home. Waxing can be very uncomfortable, but it does usually last longer than using a depilatory. Wax should be applied in the direction of hair growth. Apply only as much wax as recommended: this is definitely a case where more isn’t better.

When removing the strip to which the wax is adhered, remove it in one firm pull while holding the skin taut with the other hand. Immediately after removal, press the affected area firmly; this will help minimize stinging. Never allow the wax to harden for longer than the product directions recommend. Remove any stray hairs with tweezers; do not reapply wax more frequently than recommended.


Upper lip hair removal by threading is the most widely used methods. The method many be a bit painful but it gets rid of the tiniest and finest hair from the root, in a couple of minutes. Threading the hair out, gives appreciable results almost instantaneously. Once you get it done, it takes about 15 days to see re-growth. It means that you need to remove hair from your upper lip only twice a month, which is quite convenient.

To add to this, hair removal by threading is quite affordable. You don’t need to spend many bucks at a beauty salon. Considering upper lip hair removal cost and effectiveness, threading is considered to be the best among all the methods available for this purpose.


Threading, waxing and tweezing are the temporary methods for removing hair from upper lips or any other body part. However effective they may be, you have to spend time and money on them again and again. Therefore, going for a permanent solution is advisable. One such method for permanent hair removal is electrolysis. It uses low voltage electricity to destroy the hair follicles. The effect is almost permanent but you need to pay a lot to get it done.

Moreover, electrolysis must be done by an experienced practitioner or best, by a cosmetologist. When done incorrectly, it may damage the skin and leave scar behind. Electrolysis is recommended for women who have light skin and isolated hair.

The upper lip hair removal methods like threading, tweezing and waxing are quite painful. However, you can bring the pain down to some extent by following a few upper lip hair removal tips. Wash your face with warm water 10-12 minutes prior to hair removal from the upper lip.

This will open up the hair follicles and will make the hair removal a bit easy and comfortable. Secondly, take an over-the-counter, pain killer 1-2 hours before getting upper lip waxed. Choose any of the suggested methods and get yourself a hair free upper lip and look gorgeous like never before.

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