Cottage Home Decorating Ideas

When you envision the perfect home interior ambiance does it include the adjectives simple, light filled, vintage and comfortable? If so, you might be a candidate for Cottage Style decor! You don’t have to reside in a literal cottage to incorporate this design theme into your lifestyle. The fundamentals of cottage style decor are not difficult to implement and can be easy on the budget, too.

When creating a comfy cottage look, you want to give the illusion of space and one way to do that is to get rid of the clutter. Eliminate all that stuff you don’t need. If it can be recycled as storage containers to store stuff in, than that is great. You might use old bread boxes, hat boxes and other items as interesting storage.

Tips for Cottage Style Decor:


Log cabin homes can be found in many areas across the U.S. from the northeastern Maine woods to the southwestern desert areas and from the Deep South to the culturally diverse West Coast. According to Creative Home Decorating Room by Room, you should choose decorating colors that fit your cabin’s regional style and feel. For example, in the northeast, most cabins are decorated in shades of forest green and navy blue. In the southwest, cabin decorations are influenced by the Native American culture, and they are typically decorated in turquoise, peach and sage green. Choose natural colors, such as brown, beige, orange, dark red, blue and green for your cabin.

Vintage Theme:

This premium retro theme is stylish, yet elegant and sober at the same time, giving your cottage a sophisticated look of the Victorian age. The cottage can be decorated with architectural pieces to add drama and vintage linens can be used to soften up the place. The furniture can be of wrought iron, wire or wicker to add to the beauty of the place. You can even buy vintage fabrics for table and chair covers, seat cushions, etc. In addition, the vintage rugs can be used for flooring. The vintage look of the house will give you a feel of living in an antique house of the early 20th century.

Furniture and Fabrics:

Rustic cabin furniture comes in many different types of materials. For example, some people primarily use wood furniture built out of twigs, logs, cedar and knotty pine, while others use wicker or painted slat furniture. According to Cottage Home Decorating, you should mix and match different types of furniture materials, as well as use pieces that have a natural, well-worn look. Other log cabin furniture fabrics include leather, woven burlaps, cotton and wool. If you want to incorporate a patterned material, use plaid prints, animal patterns or nature scenes, such as pinecones or trees. Many log cabins feature long, plank wooden tables with bench seating.


Your accessories and decorations will bring the rest of your log cabin decorations together, so choose them wisely. If you are actually building and designing your log cabin, choose natural stones for a rustic rock fireplace. If you are working with an already-built cabin, consider changing the lighting fixtures and other design accessories to match your style. For example, if you use your cabin primarily as a hunting retreat, install antler chandeliers.

If your log cabin is in the mountains of Colorado or New Mexico and has a Native American style, use lampshades with cutout kokopelli or coyote shapes. Place landscape paintings and photo prints in rustic frames on your walls. Hang Navajo rugs on the walls, and make sure to leave a few warm blankets on the backs of chairs or the sofa. Use patterned quilts in bedrooms. Other log cabin decorations may include wooden bowls full of nuts or pinecones on tables.

Beach Theme:

If you are lucky to have a cottage on the seaside, the entire look has to be simple and casual, which gives the feeling of immense freshness, relaxation, and freedom, with big, open spaces all around. The base theme color in this house will be pale blue, white, sandy or camel. Accessories like picture frames, artificial flower vases and other decorative items can be either bought or painted in blue color.

It might sound a little clich├ęd at first, but the color will look extremely beautiful and blend with the theme too. Seashells can also become an essential part of decoration. You can also use glass or clear acrylic jars and vases in the house. Yet another option is to have aquarium in the living room. It is advisable not to overdo things, as it will promote clutter and go against the theme.

Garden Theme:

If you have a cottage at the countryside and love the natural scenario, going with the garden theme will be an ideal choice. Since the theme is garden, green will remain the predominant color, and every other color used will have to compliment it. Yellow can also be used along with it, to give the house a warm and brightened up look, like that of a sunny garden.

Framed prints of flowers and plants will be prominent in curtains, bed sheets, table cover, and cushion covers, along with real or artificial flower plants around the house. If you have a big living room, you can even go for waterfall at one wall and wooden furniture or benches along the other. A little clutter will do in this style of decoration.

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