20 Gadget Photoshop and Illustrator Tutorials

Gadgets are a favorite subject for many designers. There are some excellent tutorials out there to help you create amazing results in Photoshop and Illustrator for this type of design, and we’ll feature 20 of them here. You’ll find tutorials for designing iPods, iPhones, a Blackberry, cell phones and more.

Design an MP3 Player

Create a Mobile Phone Styled like the HTC Touch Diamond

Create a Play Station Portable

How to Create a Super Retro Style Game Controller

Create An Aperture Style Camera Lens (Illustrator)

Create a Slick Black iMac

Creating a MacBook from Scratch

Draw a Realistic Transparent and Neon Phone

Design a Vector Audio Speaker (Illustrator)

Create a USB Stick

Learn to Draw a Realistic Bamboo Fun Graphics Tablet

How to Create Stereo Headphone Plugs

How to Create a Photo Realistic iMac and Magic Mouse (Illustrator)

How to Create a Realistic iPhone

Create a Strawberry Mobile Phone

How to Create a Realistic Game Boy

Create a Sony Ericsson W800

Draw a Realistic Cell Phone

Design an Apple iPhone Mobile

Create a Nokia 5300 Cell Phone

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