Looking Gorgeous With Rib Tattoos

If you are thinking of getting a body art, then rib cage tattoo can be a good option. Famous Hollywood actress, Megan Fox has a tattoo on her left rib cage that quotes a short poem, “There Once Was A Little Girl Who Never Knew Love Until A Boy Broke Her HEART.” Rib cage is a very unique place to get a tattoo. But you need to have a toned body to get this tattoo. Ideas for rib cage tattoos for girls are plenty, right from getting floral designs to unique quotes.

Rib tattoos for girls are a way to show their feminine and sexy side. A pretty tat on a girl’s rib cage can emphasize her curves making her look more stunning and interesting. It is a way for them to show that they are in charge of their body and that they can independently express their personality. Some of the most stylistic tattoo designs that girls go for on their rib area are stars, flowers, butterfly, quotes and fairies.

Once you have decided to get a rib cage tattoo, it is time to search for some rib cage tattoo ideas. The design of the rib cage tattoo largely depends on the part of the rib cage you choose for tattooing. Since, rib cage covers a larger area, you have too many options to explore. You can choose just one side or both the sides. When you choose to get a tattoo on both sides, you can go for a tattoo on your back that will connect these areas. Popular rib cage tattoos on girls include flowers and famous quotes and sayings. These quotes or sayings are tattooed in a stylish font that have swirls and look feminine. Many girls get a rib cage tattoo in the form of a poem sculpted with intricate fonts. These scripts can be written either in a vertical manner or horizontal manner.

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