Cheap Ways to Make a Princess Room

Every girl loves princesses and especially Disney fairy tales. What better way to add magic into their lives by building them a princess room. Despite what home decor magazines tell you, you can invoke that feeling of luxury in her room without breaking the bank.

Looking for a royalty room that’s practical for your budget? Here are some affordable tips for creating a princess room that rules:

1. Lush, Vibrant Paint

It’s a pink explosion! Choosing the right paint is crucial for any room. Go for vibrant colors. Think of rich pink hues, whites, metallic gold, purples, light baby blue, jasmine or lavender.

You can opt for plain colors or whimsical stripes and patterns.

Pink or lavender paints add a youthful and feminine backdrop, reds, greys, and blacks are also excellent. It won’t hurt to have a fiery black princess. Be creative but keep it simple and elaborate.

Chalkboard paint is an excellent option as it allows you to decorate your child’s wall with messages you can change at any time.

2. Princess Themed Beds

Gift your princess a regal lair and make her royal dreams come true. Princess beds are similar to regular beds but with sleek and royal designs fit for her majesty. Check out for elegant designs to transform her entire space into her little kingdom including;

  • Regal carriages
  • Canopy beds
  • Castle beds
  • Princess raft bed with slide
  • Princess beds with front panels
  • Tent princess beds

3. Fancy Fabrics

Go for glitzy, elegant fabric pieces for that glamorous look that convey “I am a princess” outlook for a truly over the top room. You don’t need to splurge to attain the royal look. If you shop around various department stores in your area, you’re sure to get some quality pieces.

Choose a plush rug with fairy details and a rich, bright color for that authentic fairy tale setting. You can decide to paint it yourself or knit one using various colorful wool fabrics.

You can also use pre-cut fabrics from a garage sale or raid your linen closet. Nothing fancy, play around with various vibrant colors and put your creative gene on the spotlight. You can make sparkly pillows with gold or silver tassels, or punked out princesses. Use colorful buttons, decorative lace, sequins and layers of bright fabric.

Remember coordination is key.

4. Design a Fantasy Headboard

I know you think you’ll have to dent your pockets for a glitzy headboard, right? Wrong. All you need is to bring your creative mind to play and run wild with fantasy.

Choose an ideal design for your headboard. You can opt for a crown or a castle mural. You want a design that is fun, functional and adorable. Choose a vibrant material but no need to go overboard with your budget. You could buy a readily made crown or get one designed for you at the carpenter’s or better still DIY.

But ensure you get a big crown, big is better because you want to create an impact on the room. Get inexpensive jewelry at the sales garage.

Go for colorful buttons, sparkly beads, tassels, ribbons for that extra glitz. You can also opt to cover it with a luxurious drape of fabric using a glue gun.

Finally fix the crown on the wall using screws, nails or Velcro into studs. Position it an ideal spot to stand out in the bedroom. Alternatively, you can paint it on the wall just above the headboard using vibrant paints or metallic gold and add embellishments for a chic room.

5. Spruce the Bedroom with Lush Decor

Girly curtains:

You can create tutu curtains for an extra girly touch. Pick vibrant shades of pink, white, baby blue, jasmine or lavender among others. Playfully mix the colors for that extra glam. Add embellishments or print majestic artwork, and feathery whimsical butterfly clips or princess tiaras to tie back your curtains.

 Vibrant walls:

Not to worry if your art skills don’t rival Picasso. You can paint the walls in one uniform color or go bold and paint every side differently but make sure the colors complement, and the room doesn’t end up looking tacky. Complete it with some personalized majestic artwork and tapestries using buttons and ribbons glued on a wooden frame.

You can also opt for a portable castle fitted with storage cabinets and a vanity mirror. Alternatively, you can print princess silhouettes, frame and hang or glue them on the wall for fun wall art. Fairy wall mural paintings featuring an outline of a forest, sea or castle completes the look.


Add some sparkle to your room with good light. Instead of shelling out tons of lighting for your little girl’s room opt for affordable lamps made of plastic pieces or DIY using ribbons, hula loops, tassels, and beads. Check out for a great tutorial on how to make a ribbon chandelier.

Cute lamps in white, pink, baby blue, gold dust or charming pink and glass chandeliers are great to match your bedroom decor. You can also turn a simple lamp into a real fairy tale using printed royal graphics.

 Regal furnishings:

Browse through antique royal pieces you’ll want to add to your princess bedroom to create a room full of sweet dreams.

You can also scout garage sales or thrift stores to hunt for quality pieces or items you can give a makeover from grim to glam. Pick pieces with carved accents or add colorful canopies to your princess bed.

Look out for detachable majestic headboards with statement designs to bring out that subtle princess look and accentuate the room’s focal point. Create a dress-up station for your princess to indulge in her daily grooming rituals. You can do this by painting a table a cabinet fitted with a mirror and a stool or chair. Add embellishments, ribbons, and tassels.

Bottom line

Gifting your little girl with a princess bed does not have to be an expensive affair. You don’t need a huge budget to make her royal dreams come to light.

A potent blend of creativity and some inspiration is enough to make your girl the ruler of her roost. With these budget ideas to create a princess outlook, you can gift her a fairy tale bedroom with an air of royal opulence.

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