How To Apply Makeup for Photographs: 8 Useful Tips

Applying make-up for a photo shoot is not the same as applying it for a daytime or evening look. You can wear more neutral colors during the day, but in photos you need to keep the colors slightly bolder. You want your makeup to show up. Due to the lighting and how it reflects off some products, there needs to be a different thought process when applying makeup for pictures. It’s not that difficult to learn and if you follow the tips below, you will be on your way to better makeup results for your model session.

The Best Ways on How to Apply Makeup for Photography

  1. Before you apply makeup, start with smooth, toned and moisturized skin. If necessary, give yourself a facial or scrub treatment. This minimizes uneven or artificial looking makeup application and promotes a healthy, glowing look.
  2. Apply concealer as usual, taking extra care to conceal under-eye bags and discoloring using a yellow based concealer as this helps brighten the eye as well as hide unwanted colors underneath. For any around-the-nose redness a green pigmented concealer works wonders evening out the skin tones.
  3. The Foundation: Now, you’ll want to use a good, solid foundation and apply it evenly over the face. Foundation application is very simple but is misunderstood by even some professional makeup artists. Match the foundation to your chin and neckline. If you miss this step, you and the camera will see a sudden change of color from your face to the neck or upper chest.
  4. Bronze or Blush: Various makeup effects can be achieved with blush. Bronzer makeup powder is widely successful and produces a natural or lightly sculpted look, depending on its application.
  5. Define your eyes with shadow, but avoid dark colors on the lid – they make the eyes recede. Add mascara, but don’t overdo it.
  6. Good blending of all eyeshadow (as well as blushers and foundations) is essential. The harsh flash lighting from photography will highlight unblended edges making the make-up appear badly applied. A good range of brushes is essential for good blending.
  7. Use black mascara. The same rule for eyeliner applies to mascara. Brown mascara won’t usually show up in pictures. If it does show up, it will be very subtle and your eyes will more than likely appear to look washed out. This will give the illusion that you aren’t wearing any eye makeup.
  8. Make sure lip colors don’t have a frosted effect, as this won’t show up in photos. Apply a lip liner before the lipstick or else the lip color will look faded and messy in the photo.

Hope you will like these makeup tips for photo shoot. By following these simple makeup rules, a photographer can be sure that the subject of the photograph will look her best in the finished portraits.

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