The Right Blush Makeup Tips for Your Natural Look

Like foundation and concealer, blushes also come in cream or powder form. Both cream and powder blushes have variants that suit oily, normal, or dry skin. You can use cream and powder on any skin type unless you are extremely oily or extremely dry.

Makeup can get complicated, with women competing to follow the newest trends and apply their cosmetics like professional makeup artists. However, getting a fresh, attractive look doesn’t have to be hard or complex. Making use of these simple cosmetic tips and tricks can help you accentuate your best features and achieve a natural effect, easily.

Match Blush with Skin Color

Blush should go with your skin and hair color.

  • Women of blond and ginger hair with olive complexion should use blush of orange tones.
  • Dark-and auburn-haired women with fair complexion will look perfect in pastel blush, called powdered.
  • When your skin is pale or grey, use salmon, coral and pink blush.
  • Women with wheat blond hair or bright ginger hair and radiant complexion will look nice in peach and golden brown blush.
  • Dark, almost brown skin matches well with plum, fuchsia or chocolate blush.

Choosing the Right Kind of Blush

  • You have to figure out what kind of blush you want to get before you learn how to apply it.
  • You may look into standard powder blush, but nowadays, there is also cream blush, liquid blush, and gel blush to take into consideration.
  • Each consistency comes with its advantages and disadvantages, but you need to find something that will work well for you before you worry about application.

Choosing the Best Blush Color

Blush comes in all the colors of the rainbow, to match all of the skin tones out there that you might be working with. When you are trying to emphasize cheekbones, you want to work with your skin tone rather than against it.

Fair skin tones often work best with beige or pink blushes, while darker skin tones may look good in plumbs or bronzes. If you are using liquid or cream blushes, you can mix two shades together for a more personalized result.

How to Applying the Blush

When you go to actually apply your blush, note where you want it on your face. There are a few different makeup techniques you can try here if you want.

  • First thing is to lightly brush the blush right on the cheekbones.
  • Find these by sucking your lips in. You can apply the blush from the outside in so the harshest concentration of it is away from easy viewing.
  • You can also apply your blush right below your cheekbones to theoretically give your face more definition. This technique emphasizes cheekbones well when done right, but it can be a mess otherwise.

Finishing the Blush

  • When you have the blush on your face, you may want to lightly go over it with some powder foundation to seal the blush in place.
  • There are also finishing makeups available to consider that can make preserving that fresh makeup look a lot easier to do in the day.
  • Some products are even made like hair spray for your face, but most people do not use that outside of show business.

These makeup techniques can help you in your morning or special occasion routine. You can find the makeup style that fits you the best and expresses your unique beauty. Whether bold or subtle, your makeup can accentuate your best features simply and easily.

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