Arm Mehndi Designs – The Art of Mehndi

Arm Mehndi Designs are really popular in all over the globe. It is usually comprises of prominent but simple flowered designs decorating the hands, arms and feet of females, although it ponders the skill and expertness of the mehndi artists.Arm mehndi concerns with the impermanent body paint especially on the hands, arms and feet with the mehndi or so called henna. Henna is actually a tall bush or small size tree, which is 2 to 6 meter high. Henna blooms have 4 sepals and a 2 millimeter floral cup with 3 millimeter scatter lobes.

Mehandi designs on arms help to give very attractive and beautiful look to your arms. Decorated arms with beautiful mehandi patterns are admired by everyone. These are some of the best arm mehandi pattern to provide you a look full of life.

Arm Mehndi Designs For 2011: Exclusive Photo Gallery

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1 Response

  1. nasir says:

    im not a pro, im just looking for some cool tattoo-like designs. i was looking more for something you could print and use as a pattern- as in bleed the ink onto your skin. these definateley were too complicated for me, although they were beautiful.