Natural Acne Treatment With Lemon

Acne sufferers of any age are increasingly looking for more natural methods of curing and controlling blemishes, and many have been pleased to see that lemon juice helps pimples disappear effectively. The short answer is yes…for some people. As with most acne treatments, whether prescription, a home remedy, or over the counter, many people find that it works wonders, while others see no improvement. The good news with trying lemon juice, as opposed to an expensive prescription, is that it’s dirt cheap and if it doesn’t work, you can literally make lemonade to ease your disappointment.

Does Lemon Juice Applied Topically Clear Up Acne?

The short answer is yes, but you probably want more assurances than that. Knowing how it works might be helpful. Lemon juice will dry the excess oils on the skin and help slough the dead skin cells off the skin’s surface. Lemon juice contains one of the primary AHAs, or alpha hydroxy acids. In this case, we’re talking about citric acid. Applied in a thin layer over the skin, the citric acid in the lemon juice would act as an acid peel. Removing the outermost layer of dead skin cells allows newer and healthier cells to come to the surface. It may cause some skin redness and dryness. It’s also as an astringent, pulling out much of the oil in your skin that the acne bacteria thrive on. It is the lemon juice’s astringent quality that helps reduce acne breakouts.

What is Acne?

Acne is an outbreak of blemishes most often erupting on the face, neck, chest and back area of the body. These blemishes are a result of blocked pores in the skin and can range from small blackheads to cysts or nodules. Large pustules and severe cases can cause scars. The exact cause of acne is still unknown, though it’s largely believed to be connected with the increase in androgen production during puberty for both boys and girls.

The sebaceous glands in the skin enlarge and produce more natural oils, called Sebum. Sebum is excreted through the pores in the skin. The pores can become blocked and the oil builds up. This is a prime breeding ground for natural bacteria living on the skin, which can invade and infect the pores, producing acne. While lemon juice as well as other natural remedies can be of use in treating acne, this does not mean they are necessarily the best treatment available. It is advisable to seek professional advice for treatment.

Does Drinking Lemon Juice Clear Up Acne?

No. Lemon juice contains vitamin C and potassium, both of which the body can use to bolster the immune system. A healthy immune system will help in the body’s ability to fight infection and disease. A healthy immune system will encourage healthy skin. Acne is not a disease but healthy skin will prevent secondary infections related to acne.

Using Lemon Juice on Acne

One simple method is to dab clean fingers in a halved lemon and apply the juice directly to the pimple overnight. For people with sensitive skin, however, this can be too harsh. The acid can sting and even burn slightly. Mixing the lemon juice with a bit of honey, yogurt, or egg white, however, can help cure the acne while protecting your skin. If you go this route, mix the lemon juice – about half a lemon should do – with a spoonful of egg white or honey and apply as a mask for 20 minutes.

Some people sleep with lemon juice mixed with honey on their face, but the mess on the pillow may not be worth the possibility of clear skin in the morning. If you want to use lemon juice at night, dab a tiny bit on with your finger or a Q-tip. Be sure you only touch the pimple itself, or you may wake up with a white spot where the rest of the lemon juice ended up.

How To Use Lemon For Acne

  • Wash one lemon and place it on a cutting board. Cut the lemon in half, using a knife.
  • Squeeze 1 teaspoon of lemon juice into a bowl or container and dilute with purified water. The water is to lesson the burn, so you can dilute with ½ teaspoon to a full teaspoon. Keep in mind that the more diluted the juice, the less effective it will be.
  • Clean your skin by using a gentle facial cleaner. Once clean and dried, dab 2 cotton balls in the lemon solution. Dab the areas of your face that have breakouts and are prone to breakouts.
  • Place a lid or cap on the remaining solution. Keep the applied solution on your face overnight and wash your face again in the morning. If the solution burns or feels irritating, rinse your face, dilute the solution more, and reapply.
  • After washing your face in the morning with a gentle cleanser, apply another application of the solution before applying your makeup or any other products. If the solution continues to burn or irritate your skin, only leave it on your face for 8 to 10 minutes and then rinse with cool water.


  • Do not get the solution near eyes, cuts or abrasions.

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