15 Incredible Examples Of Action Photography

In action photography timing is a key element. If you shoot at the right moment (actually, just a beat before, to give the camera time to react), you’ll get a better shot than if you miss the moment. It is also recommended that don’t allow yourself to get frustrated if it doesn’t come easily. You might need more practice and time to perfect the technique. That’s okay, especially if you are shooting digitally. Just delete the frames you don’t want. Experiment. Play with it. Practice with cars driving down the street or kids at a soccer game. It will be an accomplishment when you snap your first perfect  action shot. Then it’s only a matter of time before you are getting them consistently.

Beautiful Examples Of Action Photography

Trey Canard Scrub

Attack of The Summer


Royal Canin Cup

Little Red

Corbis Soccer Shoot

Busted Ction

The Agony Within a Race

Pacu Jawi (Cow’s Race)

A Leap Of Faith

Ghost Rider

Refresh Sportsman

Will I Get There?

Steer Wrestling

Cliff Jumping

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