I Love You Dearly – Son Death Poems Uinque Collection

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1. My Beautiful Baby Boy

I loved him dearly
More and more every second he was with me
I held him so gently
Then tears began to poor
Because I knew by the end of the day I wouldn’t have him anymore
I’d done anything to keep him out of harms way
But that didn’t stop gods will
I still lost my baby that day
In my arms he died
So for weeks now I have cried
I just can’t understand what was on gods mind
How could he do this, It was so unkind
To take my baby
And before he could even see his daddy
I would have took his place
Just for his daddy to see his face
I’d gave him my every breath
I would’ve gave god every beat from my heart
I’d ripped it right out of my chest
Just so he wouldn’t take Matt and Keagan apart
He should have at least gave them a small start
It was so unfair
because god didn’t even give Matt a chance to be there
compared to my feeling of losing my child
This poem was nice and mild
Because I could explain the hate
but it would really do no good cause it would still be to late

Source: Son Death Poems by Family Friend Poems

2. Michael

Bless us Lord
As we pray
You took our
Little boy home today
Please let him know
Please as we pray
How much we
Loved him everyday
We loved his laugh
We loved his smile
We loved his everything
We loved our child

Source: Son Death Poems by Family Friend Poems

3. Just Baby Sitting

This is just a little letter for you, because we have an agreement. You are to babysit my little boy for us until we come to see him, I only ask these few things from you,
One please make sure he gets eskimo kisses everyday, because daddy loves to play that game with his sisters,
two please make sure you tell him mommy loves him more than the world sky, space and even the galaxy, that’s a game I like to play with his sisters..
Three tell him big sissy makayla was so excited to have a little brother she was even willing to share her toys..
Four, Jenna loved to smack mommys belly and give big slobbery kisses…
Five, can you please build a ball park for him to learn how to play baseball, because daddy was so sure he’d be a star…
Six, make sure my little munchkin is not a picky eater, we make his sisters try every thing once..
Seven take a lot of pictures for us to look at when we pick him up someday we don’t want to miss a single thing…
Eight, please let him look upon the world to see who we are,
Nine, please let my baby sleep with you if there is a very scary storm, his sisters get a little afraid sometimes too…
And finally ten.. Like I said we have a agreement you are only to baby sit him until we get there , after we do Mommy and Daddy can handle the job…
Thank you God…

Source: Son Death Poems by Family Friend Poems

4. A Tribute To Tyrone

No words I write could ever say
How sad and empty I feel today
The Angels came for you
Much sooner than I planned
I’ll brave the bitter grief that comes
And I’ll try my best understand
Tyrone why did you have to go away
Why wasn’t it right for you to stay
In my heart Tyrone will always be
I love him dearly and I know he’ll watch over me
What I’m suffering seems so unfair
But one thing is for certain
My love for him will always be there
Tyrone my son you always will be
The most important part of my hearts memory
I’ll cherish the moments I held you in my arms
And I’m sure that if you had of stayed longer
You would have graced me with your charms
A thousand words won’t bring you back
I know because I’ve tried
Neither will a thousand tears
I know because I’ve cried
Now you’re up in Heaven
With the Angels up above
They will take my place for now
And they’ll give you all their love
So go and rest in peace now
My little boy so dear
For all my love and memories
I will hold forever near

Source: Son Death Poems by Family Friend Poems

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