Amazing Examples of Camera Toss Photography

The thing is that the camera toss photography is a huge phenomenon in the photography world. There are whole communities and websites dedicated to this art form. So if you don’t mind breaking your camera, and want to get some sweet shots that you can brag to your friends about, then I believe the camera toss photography is just for you. Also please share your camera toss photography photos in the comments below.

A Proper Camera Toss – UnMusi

Fusion 2 – Camera Toss

Camera Toss 1 – Hungry for Shreddies

Camera Toss Extravaganza

CTS15 Camera Toss

DSC05000 Toss Designs by Nod

Toss Light Blue

Camera Toss 480

Camera Tossing – Luiszarco

Camera Toss 131 – Galaga

Camera Toss by Nod

Camera Toss 1.3

Camera Toss

Camera Toss Style

Stairwell Camera-Toss by Danimations

Camera Toss 147 by Tackyshack

Artsy Camera Toss – Gigapic

Camera Toss at Sunset

Camera Catch – Light Designing by Jah

Kinetic 1566

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