The Leading Ladies Handbag Brands to Die For!

A handbag was first introduced in the market of the west as a utility bag that accommodated various products such as cosmetic, make up kit, wallet and other essential items. It was also known as a purse or a pouch and it came with a handle. Since it had to accommodate many items it was sized in a medium size. As fashion changes every day, changes in handbags have also been made. Most of the handbags nowadays are designed for fashion. Owning a designer handbag is a great fashion trend.

The need of a handbag has shifted from some place to hold necessity items to something that helps in flaunting. The fashion experimentation had led to the changes in the size and today not all bags are known as handbags. Based on the size they are known as purse, pouch, tote, sling bag and a handbag. A handbag for today’s generation is a large sized bag that can hold a big notebook along with other essential items needed for daily use for every woman.

Many brands are involved in designing ladies handbags. The most common materials used are leather, cloth, jute, nylon and artificial or synthetic leather. The handles are usually made of the same product as the body of the bag or sometimes they are made of leather that remains sturdy and helps in handling the weight of the bag along with the items. Whatever may be the product’s material the brand name stands out.

The following are the topmost ladies handbag brands leading in the world of fashion:

Louis Vuitton

The world famous brand with the entangled LV symbol is a favorite brand for any women when it comes to handbags. These products are known for the top quality materials be it canvas or leather and a good number of color options with every kind. They have handbags for all occasions, be it an evening party or a bag for daily office use. The biggest name also introduces bags based on seasons and every design is unique.


Gucci brand handbags are exact leather products. Similar to the popular name, the bags come with a big price tag. The various types of handbags that are available are totes, cross body handbag, to handle handbags and classic medium sized handbag. Every season new collection is introduced and that can be viewed online in their site.


Prada the Italian label is known for its goods that are very luxurious. One of the costliest brands that rule the fashion world is Prada. Leather is the common material used for handles in the handbag made of fabric in this brand.

There are quite few Indian designers who have made into the fashion world across the globe

Satya Paul

One of the leading brands in India under clothing line also designs handbags. They have unique designs and experiment with the materials. Wide variety of handbags such as clutch, sling bags and totes are available with them. When compared to the global brand price tag, these Satya Paul bags are affordable.

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