Nests To Rest: Amazing Photography

There have been numerous posts on human architecture in which most of the architects have sharpened their skills with the help of education. However, these small birds and insects are naturally endowed with this super gift. We all find nests everywhere and are awed by the beauty of so many different nests which have been created by these wonderful creatures. In today’s post we have compiled some examples of ravishing architectural Nests. We hope you enjoy this post an feel free to leave a comment on which is from our post on Best Nests to Rest.

Best Nests to Rest – Photo Gallery

Filedfare Sparrow Nest

Wren’s Nest

Hummingbird and Nest

Swallows’ Nests

Colored Eggs in Nest

Mama Hummer Sitting on Nest

Eggs in Nest

Tree Swallow Nest

Prairie Falcon Female on Side of Pothole Cliff Nest After Delivering Squirrel to Chicks CS CO

Turdus Pilaris Nest

4 of 6 Great Egret (Ardea alba) Nest with Three Chicks at the Morro Bay Heron Rookery

Nesting Rufous Hummingbird

Osprey Bringing Mullet To Mate On Nest Everglades National Park

Penguin Mother & Chick on the Nest

Weaver Birds Building Their Nests

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