Fab Filler – Everything You Need To Know Before You Take The Plunge

With the rise of Kylie Jenner and the new ‘Insta-Face’, it’s becoming as normal to get dermal fillers as it is to get highlights. Fillers are an incredible alternative to plastic surgery and with more and more options available now is the perfect time to think about having some work done. Lips, cheeks, chin, even butt! Fillers can be injected virtually anywhere to offer plumper, smoother skin. Age can be a huge factor in loose, sagging skin which can be temporarily reversed with a little dermal filler. Even if you’re in your youthful prime, injectables can be a great way to achieve fuller lips, a straighter nose, and cheekbones so sharp you could use them to grate cheese!

Pick Your Injector Wisely

It’s relatively easy in the UK to become an aesthetics practitioner even without a nursing degree. That means there are many fantastic technicians out there and many… not so fantastic. Do as much research as humanly possible before you book any injectables. Have a couple of consultations, search out the exact look you want on Instagram, speak to any friends who have had work done that you admire. You can never have too much information before you choose. Remember this is your body you’re talking about! You want to have the very best as it will affect the way you look for a good few months.

Cheap Does Not Equal Cheerful

We all love a bargain but please make sure you don’t opt for whoever is cheapest. Look for reputable surgeries or salons with qualified practitioners who have a good amount of experience and a proven track record of happy clients. If someone is offering their services wildly cheaper than anyone else, there’s probably a reason for it! If anything goes wrong, you can have filler dissolved but at a cost. In this case, you may end up spending a huge sum fixing a problem you could have avoided if you had invested in the best person for the job initially. You really do get what you pay for.

How Many Units?

Fillers are measured in millimetre units and it is considered best practise to start small then build your way up. If you’d love plump, kissable lips start with 1ml, and then you can add more over time. If you go straight in with 3ml the change will be dramatic and if you’re not happy with the results, it’s impossible to take some away unless you dissolve all of the filler and start again. Everyone is different, so a good aesthetics practitioner will be able to advise you on what would suit your face or body to achieve a subtle but worthwhile result.

Stay Sober

Ensure that you have had no alcohol for at least 48 hours prior to your injectables to limit any bruising. Alcohol thins the blood so you’re more likely to end up with dark, swollen injection sites if you’ve been hitting the champagne beforehand! The same goes for blood-thinning medication such as Aspirin or Ibuprofen. Another great trick is to take Arnica 2 days before your appointment to ease any bruising.

Research Products

All filler is not created equal! Most big-name brands use hyaluronic acid, but how these are created can change the end result. Just because your favourite celebrity has mention Juvéderm or Restylane, doesn’t mean it will be the best for you. Likewise, what is great for your lips may not be the best for a butt enhancement. Check with your chosen practitioner, they will usually work with different options and be able to recommend one over the other for a different area of the face and body.

Plan Your Timings

Make sure you book your appointment when you’ve got a few quiet days. Chances are, you’ll have some bruising and swelling so try and avoid any social occasions for a few days post-injections. Again, alcohol will exacerbate any bruising and discolouration so be sure to avoid it for a few days after your fillers.

Be Unique

It’s tempting to take in a photo of a gorgeous actress or singer and expect to walk out looking like their identical twin. Unfortunately, practitioners are not magic, and they can’t give you a whole new face. What they can offer you is a fine-tuning of the attributes you already have. Remember that filler typically lasts between 6-12 months (depending on area) so it’s not a permanent fix for whatever aesthetic flaws you see in yourself.

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