Our Friendship is Special – Best Trusting Friendship poems

Trust is the most important component of any relationship. If you do not trust a person, you probably do not consider them your friend. The building blocks of friendship are based on sharing the deepest parts of yourself and believing that they will be held sacred.

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Source: Friendship Poems from Family Friend Poems

1. Friendship, What Is It?

Friendship is a rainbow at the end of a rain shower,
Friendship is a sweeping cool breeze on a warm summers day,
Friendship is a warm fuzzy kitten lying across my feet,
Friendship is dancing fire on a cold winters night.

Friendship is people wanting to spend time together,
To share laughter and tears, in good times or bad.
Friendship is people wanting to be there to support one another.
Friendship is knowing there will always be someone to talk to.

Friendship is something that I share with you.
I know that you will be there for me,
I know that I will be there for you.
Together we are a team.

Our Friendship is special,
It is heartwarming and cozy.
It is reliable and dependable.
Our Friendship belongs to us.

2. Deceit & Deception

Lies and Deceit, it’s all around me
Lies and Deceptions, two bad surroundings

I see no point, I see no end
Those are your enemies, who you think are friends.

You see and hear it, find it hard to believe
They don’t want any good, but only to deceive

You don’t know who to trust, everyone’s a target
The things they’ll do so hard to forget

Deceit and Deception, over and over
The chances of good friends ,like four leaf clovers

They’ll think you don’t know , or wont find out
But surely you do so without a doubt

The things that’s done determines your fate
makes choices for the best, better soon than late

Lies spread like a diseased infection
Life’s just full of deceit and deception

3. Sometimes.

Sometimes things get weird;
The less you know,
the less you hurt.
Sometimes people you trust may deceive you;
Say stuff that truly affects you,
your heart hallow and empty.
Sometimes without any signs,
things mess up, leaving you bare.
I tend to get caught up pretty easily,
leading to disappointments.
People tell me to trust but every time I do: I regret.
People talk.
People stare.
People gossip.
All I want is a new start in life…
Move to another continent,
Forget everyone here,
New beginning,
New reputation.
I’m tired of feeling so alone even though I’m surrounded.

4. So Called Friend

The one person that wasn’t suppose to let you down
Probably will
I have found that out
Your friends you can no longer trust
A feeling inside of being All alone, so forgotten, so left out
The one person you thought cared
Turns their back on you Lies to you, doesn’t care anymore
You feel so alone
So forgotten
So left out
My so called friend

Source: Friendship Poems from Family Friend Poems

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