Fun is The Best Thing to Have – Short Poems

Humor is the bedrock of healthy relationship. Humor it a tool we can use to let off steam when things get too heavy. If we cannot laugh at ourselves, life will become a tedious and stifling experience.

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Source: Family Poems from Family Friend Poems

1. My Peeps

you may see me as normal,
but you would never guess,
that my family is weird maybe even strange,
and though we seem happy,
and chipper even,
we are not the same,
my brother yes is cute,
but revolting too,
my sister is pretty,
but really should be in a zoo,
my parents are lovable,
and kind of old,
but when it comes to jokes,
they shouldn’t be so bold,
so I ask you please don’t ridicule,
when they come outside,
cause living with them all my life,
I walk with them with pride!

2. Babies

Babies are cute and small
Some are dark and some are fair
Some are bald and some have hair
Yet God made them all

Some have blue eyes and some brown
Others are fat and some are skinny
Some laugh and some frown
But God graciously makes plenty

They love to go and not stop
Some have patience and others blow their top
Their smiles light up a room
Some like morning and some noon

Ah, then they fall asleep
Bottles and diapers are set aside
Diapers mount up to a heap!
When they wake we’ll go for a ride!

3. Spiders

There once was a boy,
Who was jolly and glad,
While others elsewhere,
Were feeling so sad,
He asked his daddy,
What was so bad,
He replied saying,
“Don’t worry young lad.”

So he went to his mate,
And said “everyone’s upset”,
His mate replied saying,
“They’ve just been to the vet,
Do you know that old man,
With that horrible pet,
It’s just eaten him whole,
And its belly has set”.

I am that boy,
And since that man died,
I’ve been scared of them creatures,
Beginning with spide,
He fed that thing,
All animals he’d find,
And now I’ve got to go,
And to you good bye.

P.S. This is not a true story
(well do you actually think a spider
would eat a wrinkly old man whole)
Well I do!!!!!

Source: Family Poems from Family Friend Poems

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