How Much Baby Develop In 13 Week of Pregnancy

You now have officially entered the second trimester. At this stage of the pregnancy is where most families especially the new mom to be starts to celebrate. The risk for miscarriage has greatly reduced and the odds are in your favor that you will carry the baby full term. Also gone will be the morning sickness and the fatigue that you may have experienced in the first trimester. You will start to feel more energetic and your mental state will start to show improvements.

You will also start to show off your baby bump in this stage of pregnancy. The baby is still small in size but as the baby grows the uterus grows as well. You will your appetite grow as well and this is due in part of the baby taking the nutrients that you are taking in. Don’t feel that you have to stuff yourself, eat in moderation even if you eat a few times a day. The important thing is that you continue to eat right as long as you are healthy the baby is healthy.

Your Growth and Development

Your uterus is continuing to grow at pregnancy week 13, and as it grows, you may start feeling some aching or discomfort in your abdomen. This is perfectly normal. The ligaments that surround your uterus will stretch in the upcoming weeks to accommodate your baby, and this stretching often results in what is called round ligament pain.

Round ligament pain is fairly common by 13 weeks pregnant, but it can be alarming if you have never experienced it before. It usually feels like a brief but sharp or stabbing pain in your abdomen, but you may also feel a dull ache in the lower abdomen that lasts for a short time. Most often women feel this when they get up suddenly or change position. You might feel this pain as you attempt to roll over in bed.

If you experience any pain that is accompanied by other symptoms, such as cramping, bleeding or vomiting, you should call your doctor immediately. Usually round ligament pain doesn’t last more than a few minutes. If you have persistent pain, something else might be going on that warrants a trip to your doctor.

In most cases, simply relaxing can relieve round ligament pain. Be sure you rest comfortable and stop any activity that was causing you discomfort. Try to remember to get up slowly each time you get out of bed or move to the sofa. This will become more and more necessary as your uterus continues to expand and you grow larger and larger.

Changes In Your Body

You deserve a huge pat on the back! You are now entering your second trimester. Pregnancy week 13 is definitely a time to cheer. By pregnancy at 13 weeks your risk for miscarriage drops significantly. Most women who carry to 13 weeks pregnant will continue to carry their baby to term.

This does not mean your risk for miscarriage is completely eliminated. There are rare instances where some women’s risk of miscarriage continues through the 20th week. In some cases a condition called an incompetent cervix is to blame. Women who have an incompetent cervix are not able to carry their baby to term without medical intervention, because the cervix starts to shorten and open before 20 weeks pregnant. This causes the baby to be delivered too early.

Fortunately this is a pretty uncommon problem and once identified, a doctor can perform a procedure called a cerclage to help ensure the cervix remains closed for future pregnancies.

By 13 weeks pregnant while too small for maternity clothes, you are probably ready to move into a pair of sweat pants for a short time. Aside from your growing belly you may start noticing bumps forming on your breasts. These bumps are glands that help the breasts grow and develop during pregnancy. You may also find that your libido and energy start returning at roughly 13 weeks pregnant. Most women consider the second trimester the honeymoon phase of their pregnancy. Take advantage of your increasingly good spirits and energy level and invest in a little comfy lingerie or new bra for yourself. Many women find the increased blood flowing throughout their body heightens their sense of pleasure and ecstasy during intercourse. You might as well enjoy the experience while you can, the second trimester is only a few short months!

Second Trimester News

I should have started this post by saying, “Congratulations!” because as of now you are entering your second trimester. I know for most women this is a time of huge relieve, because your risk for miscarriage drops substantially after 13 weeks pregnancy.

Most women who make it this far are very likely to carry their baby’s to term. Still, there are some women who are at risk for miscarrying through their 20th week, but this is typically rare and associated with certain physical problems like an incompetent cervix.

Your doctor will continue to monitor your pregnancy closely throughout your second trimester. You can start to expect more weight gain as you continue your pregnancy week by week from this point on.

Soon you’ll also start taking advantage of the many maternity fashions available on the market today! Remember as you continue your journey during pregnancy you’ll want to select a wide range of items that enhance your comfort and security during pregnancy. Try avoid wearing anything that is tight fitting and definitely select a few items that leave room for expansion in the upcoming weeks!

Many women can get by buying just a few maternity staples for their pregnancy wardrobe and maternity intimate apparel. These may include a pair of maternity jeans, maternity slacks or khaki’s, a skirt and a pair of shorts, and a variety of mix and match t-shirts and blouses.


Follow your doctor’s orders. This is very important during a pregnancy. Get plenty of rest and stay hydrated. By now you probably have a copy of a baby book. Remember that all pregnancies are different and these books are general guides. So don’t get upset if you read something in a book and is doesn’t pertain to you at your stage in pregnancy. Relax and enjoy your pregnancy.

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