Converse Japan July 2010 New Releases

{YBA} Attention please! look at one of the unique pieces set to release in July via Converse Japan, but now we w put them all together to make it a little easier for you. As always, Converse Japan provides us with some great eye candy in the line up.

From pink Jack Purcell’s to leather clad Chuck Taylor high tops, you are sure to find something you like in the collection. Officially, There are 2 models of the Chuck Taylor high top sneaker and three models of the Jack Purcell. All can be found through Converse Japan retail accounts this month of 2010.

Converse Japan July 2010
Converse Japan July 2010 Chuck Taylor
Converse Japan July 2010 Skidgrip Hi
Converse Japan July 2010 Skidgrip Low

Next to some great premium releases for foot-wear, you will also find some that are a little tough on the eyes. The Chuck Taylor here above, is our personal favorite expert.

Converse Japan 2010 July New Releases Footwear

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