Running Shoes: All the Information You Need in One Place

Going from one store to another and seeing their collection of running shoes can be a bit overwhelming and daunting. You are not just looking for any pair of shoes, but one that that you can use to perform specific functions or tasks. You might also be looking for a pair that goes with almost anything you want to do.

What makes shopping for running shoes all the more daunting is inadequate information because it leaves you with no direction. It’s time to take the mystery out of running shoes by talking about some things you might find interesting.

With this information at your fingertips, you can go into a shoe store and know exactly what you are looking for.


Can you feel the ground when running or does it feel like you are running in the sky? Cushioning is the ability of a shoe to absorb the impact made when walking or running.

When contact is made with the ground, the padding or cushioning of the shoes will help reduce the force or pressure generated from the impact. It also helps in maximizing comfort and increases efficiency when performing activities. Since you need to protect your feet from injury and relieve the stress placed on your ankles, a good level of cushioning on your running shoes can help achieve that.

Stability Shoes

Stability running shoes are designed to help with overpronation by providing a good amount of control and cushioning when there is an impact on the ground as you run. Injuries like shin splints and runner’s knee caused by excessive pronation are easily prevented with stability shoes. Although they have a good amount of cushioning, they are not as heavy as maximum support shoes as they mainly provide guidance and support to the feet.

Stability shoes can be found in stores like the Australian Asics stores that carry a variety of shoes for runners.

Neutral Running Shoes

Neutral shoes are designed for people who have a neutral running pattern. That is, they do not over or under pronate when walking. The cushioning for neutral shoes is usually at the heel and it may be lighter than stability shoes as the feet do not need the same level of support provided by stability shoes. Stores that carry a large collection of running shoes can easily provide you with stability or neutral shoes depending on what is needed.

Choosing the Best Running Shoes for You

You can walk into a shoe store and pick any running shoes you like but there is no guarantee that your pick will be the best fit for you.

To pick out the perfect shoes, you need to know your foot type. Do you have low arch, normal, or high arch feet? Determining this can be a pointer to the shoes you should buy. If you don’t know your foot type, you can take a simple test to find out; this would take you about 10 seconds.

To do this test, take a piece of heavy paper, wet the underside of your feet, and step on it. In a matter of seconds, your feet would have made an imprint on the paper.

If the imprint doesn’t have much curve, then you have low arch feet. Where it shows a slight but distinct curve, then your feet have a normal arch. For a high arc, the curve goes all the way from your toes to your heel.

Your foot type can help narrow down the process as it would give you a better idea of what would walk best for you. With this information and the help of a shoe consultant, your next shoe shopping experience will be as smooth as possible.

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