Top 10 Effective Skin Care Tips During Monsoon

While the monsoons bring a welcome respite from summer heat, they also pose a lot of challenges to healthy skin. It is a refreshing season that makes you feel that beauty tips cane forgotten for some time. With your raincoats out you protect yourself and enjoy the bright, beautiful and breezy nature, but your skin might not just let you enjoy the monsoon. So, here are some easy tips to skin care during rainy season.

The Best Skin Care Tips in Rainy Season

  1. A mild face wash is good for face. You can also opt for some home remedy like a mixture of gram flour, rose water and milk. Apply evenly on face and wash off after 15 -20 minutes.
  2. Cleanse your skin daily using a soap free cleanser. Also make use of a gentle scrub (with uniform mild beads) once a day to get rid of dead cells.
  3. Use a non-soapy cleanser that ensures deep pore cleansing to wash away impurities from your skin.
  4. Drink adequate water because even if you are not thirsty, your skin needs water as it is always thirstier than you are.
  5. Avoid heavy moisturizing creams or oily foundations and cream-based color makeup. Use a light mousse or a matte compact or simply a few drops of calamine lotion as a makeup base.
  6. If your skin is getting dry and it makes you irritated feeling, then just moisturize it. Apply rose water, glycerin, honey, almond or moisturizer before sleep.
  7. Apply sunscreen before going outside as sun rays are still there in rainy season.
  8. A non-alcoholic toner incorporated into your basic cleansing regime will prevent skin infections and eruptions.
  9. Heavy makeup should be avoided during monsoon because the chemicals present in it may clog your skin and increase the trouble. If makeup is necessary then you must first rub your face with ice cubes and then apply makeup.
  10. Toning should be done by morning or night. Non alcoholic toner must be used to avoid skin eruption and infection as to avoid pimples.

Along with skin care you must also eat healthy and nutritious food in order to have glowing skin. So get ready for dancing in rains as the drops would fall on your skin more like dew and will roll down like beads of Pearl. Happy Monsoon!!

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